Best Movie slots ranked by players

Movie slots are a big thing in the online gambling industry. They are one of the most popular slots and always attract a big number of experienced and newbie players alike. Why is this so? Well simply because of the theme. Movie slots are easily recognized by players, especially if they are based on a popular blockbuster movie or an entire franchise. When a player opens up the slots category at some online casino movie slots tend to pop up because the theme is popular. So the idea behind this concept is that the player will open the movie slot and give it a try even if he’s never played it before. But getting the rights to create a slot based on some movie is not an easy process. The provider will need to sign an agreement and pay certain fees to the studio which owns the right for the movie in order get permission to create the slot. Sometimes this can start a bidding war among the providers, since they know very well just how profitable movie slots can be. If the provider does a good job with the game that slot can bring in revenue for years to come. For example, Microgaming signed an agreement with several companies like DC Entertainment, Studiocanal and Creative Licensing, which resulted in several branded movie slots to enrich the Microgaming portfolio. These agreements by Microgaming and other software providers brought us a big number of great movie slots which are still popular years after they were first launched. If a movie which is used to create a slot gains an iconic status, then the game itself will have a guaranteed popularity among players at online casinos. This is why all software providers aim to gain the rights to create a movie slot and hope for a big profit in the long run.