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Best TV slots ranked by players

TV slots work pretty much the same as Movie slots. They are in the same category of branded slots, but come with a different twist. No, we don’t mean slots based on some popular brand which produces TV’s. Usually when we talk about TV slots we mean games which are based on some popular TV show or a celebrity. These games can be very popular among players and are usually focused on a certain target group. For example, a provider can create a slot based on some popular TV show based in the UK. The chances are that the show will reach people from other countries as well, but the primary audience for the game will be players coming from the UK. The concept behind TV slots is basically the same as for Movie slots. The player can easily pick up on the slot, especially if he’s a fan of the show. So when facing a plethora of unknown slots, he is more likely to go for the TV slot. The popularity these slots enjoy in online casinos works in favor for the provider in the long run, bringing in revenue for years to come. What makes TV slots attractive to players is also the plethora of bonus features they have in stock. Many providers decide to add a big number of features based on the characters of the show. This way the player will enjoy in the game play as he triggers bonus rounds which come with recognizable parts from the show. If the provider does a great job with the TV slot it can easily become a personal favorite for many players, bringing in even bigger revenue over the years. So the next time you’re playing at a casino browse through the games and see whether some TV slot catches your attention.

Best TV slots ranked by players

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