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Best Themes slots ranked by players

Online slots have become a popular pastime for many gamblers worldwide, and why wouldn't they have? The opportunity to win real cash prizes while also having fun is a significant draw that convinces players to stake their own money in the search for fortune. Almost an entire universe of slots online can be found these days, so what is it that draws people into particular games? Well, themed slots are becoming increasingly relevant in the gambling worl

Slots are now commonly themed after famous TV shows and movies, as well as computer games that attract large followings. With these exciting themes being used to entice hopeful jackpot victors, it's no wonder that new slot machine themes can be found all over the internet. Continue reading this handy guide, where slot themes and their popularity will be delved into more deeply.

Best Themes slots ranked by players
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Modern video slots usually have 5 reels and 3 rows, with a random number of pay lines. It can range from 5 active pay lines, up to 1,024 ways to win or even more. Some slots today adopt the Mega Ways design which allows them to reach a massive number of ways to win. The main detail which differentiates video slots from classic slots is the bonus feature. Pretty much every video slot comes with at least one bonus round, while others can have several bonus rounds and even more base play mini features.


Playing slots online for money can be fascinating but there is much to it, especially when a player wants to choose the type of slot to play. While features go a long way in choice-making, the ultimate attraction of most players is the theme of the slot.


Well speaking in terms of visual details and game play not much. Classic slots are simple games with 3 reels and usually anywhere from 1 to 5 active pay lines. The game play is pretty dull at times since most of them have no bonus round installed. Most of them don’t even have a Wild symbol available, so if you’re used to playing modern video slots you can be taken aback by the simplicity of these games. But still classic slots can be quite lucrative at times since most of them have a rich pay table.


Adventure slots vary and they are one of the most common video slots you can come across at the casinos. Even though the concept is adventure the games themselves vary in theme. The adventure can take place in Ancient Egypt, it can be a trip across the sea, an expedition to the North Pole, the search for El Dorado in the dark jungles and many, many more. Some providers take adventure slots one step further, combining them with popular movies or famous adventurers.


TV slots can be very popular among players and are usually focused on a certain target group. For example, a provider can create a slot based on some popular TV show based in the UK. The chances are that the show will reach people from other countries as well, but the primary audience for the game will be players coming from the UK.


You already know that you can play the games from one software provider across a number of casinos. If you play a progressive jackpot game which is pooled over the entire network of casinos which the provider powers, you will see that the jackpot prize is the same at every casino and constantly rising. This is so because every bet that is made on the game from all players, across all casinos which have the game in their offer, contributes to the top jackpot prize. This is how some progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune can reach over $15 million.


When we talk about fruit machine slots we can go several ways. Basically this term is used for slots which have a fruit theme and the symbols on the reels are fruits of all shapes and sizes. But some players use this term to refer to classic slots. The reason for this is that most of the older classic slots had a fruit theme, accompanied with Bars, Sevens or Diamonds symbols. So the name fruit machines stuck for many of the older classic slots. Fruit machines are usually older slots and are designed by providers which primarily targeted land based casinos. You could often see these games on the casino floor with cherries, melons, lemons and grapes across the reels. Some of these fruit machines were known to produce massive payouts and earned an iconic status at land based and even online casinos alike. One of them being Sizzling Hot by Novomatic. Older players surely know this game and can tell you that it’s one of the most popular fruit machines of all times. Today fruit machines have made their way to pretty much all software providers. You can easily spot them in the games collection as they tend to stick out with the top paying fruit symbol. Just like any other slot games fruit machines can be fun to play and can produce massive payouts. It all depends on the game designers and what they decided to add in terms of payouts and bonus features. Needless to say that these games are still popular, especially among older players. There’s just something about fruit machines which makes you want to spin the reels and hope for a big payout. Maybe it’s simply nostalgia for a simpler time at the casinos, maybe it’s the stories about massive payouts. Either way fruit machines are bound to stay popular games across land based and online casinos alike.


Movie slots are a big thing in the online gambling industry. They are one of the most popular slots and always attract a big number of experienced and newbie players alike. Why is this so? Well simply because of the theme. Movie slots are easily recognized by players, especially if they are based on a popular blockbuster movie or an entire franchise. When a player opens up the slots category at some online casino movie slots tend to pop up because the theme is popular. So the idea behind this concept is that the player will open the movie slot and give it a try even if he’s never played it before. But getting the rights to create a slot based on some movie is not an easy process. The provider will need to sign an agreement and pay certain fees to the studio which owns the right for the movie in order get permission to create the slot. Sometimes this can start a bidding war among the providers, since they know very well just how profitable movie slots can be. If the provider does a good job with the game that slot can bring in revenue for years to come. For example, Microgaming signed an agreement with several companies like DC Entertainment, Studiocanal and Creative Licensing, which resulted in several branded movie slots to enrich the Microgaming portfolio. These agreements by Microgaming and other software providers brought us a big number of great movie slots which are still popular years after they were first launched. If a movie which is used to create a slot gains an iconic status, then the game itself will have a guaranteed popularity among players at online casinos. This is why all software providers aim to gain the rights to create a movie slot and hope for a big profit in the long run.



What are Slot Themes?

In some way or another, it can be said that all online slots are themed to a certain extent. One could even argue that most slot machines found in bars and casinos carry some form of theme to them. However, many slot games are themed to a more creative extent and will carry more prominent topics as well as characters and behind-the-scenes stories. Truly exciting themed slots won't feel to a player as though they're simply pressing a button and the reels are spinning; it will seem much closer to a more advanced computer game where they're being transported on a journey to another world or place. The theme is essentially the packaging that draws players into trying what's inside; the slot where large jackpots can be won.

Online casinos are becoming increasingly competitive with each other, which is no surprise when it's considered just how many are currently operating and all wanting players to give them a try and remain loyal. This is pushing slot machine themes further, with all casinos wanting to offer something unique to potential players and provide the most exciting time possible. It's now becoming rare for slots to be found that don't have some kind of story behind them to enrich the gameplay. Everything can be found when it comes to these slot themes, whether that be action movie themes, adventure, space, or fairy tales. Regardless of what a player is interested in, it's certain that they'll be able to find a slot that is themed around that somewhere online.

Why Do People Play Themed Slots?

While no two people are the same, a large reason for gamblers opting to play themed slots can be credited to how wide and varied these themes can be, which are used by game developers to capture the emotions of fans of these topics and to engage their interest. If someone is a fan of a particular TV show, they'll be more likely to play a slot game that is themed around that, as the topic and characters are there to draw them in.

Popular characters such as those found in cartoons and superhero movies also stay in our minds for long periods, with fond memories being held of them. By using characters such as this, the developers can capture a sense of nostalgia in players and generate excitement at the prospect of delving deeper into the stories behind the figures they remember from growing up. With why people choose to play themed slots in mind, take a look at what some of the most popular slot machine themes are online.

Ancient Egypt

Everyone knows at least something about Ancient Egypt, so it's no surprise that slot game developers have made effective use of this genre. Books, television shows, and movies have all been made about the old kingdom of Egypt, so using this theme for slots online is a no-brainer. Something about this old kingdom is magical to players yet remains sinister and mysterious at the same time. Countless games can be found in this particular theme category, with many of them becoming hits.

Movie Slots

A whole variety of themes have been trialed over the years to try and attract players into online casinos. Some have been more successful than others, so when developers found enthusiasm for branded slots, they leaped at the chance to make it happen and have stood with it ever since. This is why amazing slots such as those themed on Jurassic Park, The Dark Knight, and Game of Thrones exist today. Fans of blockbuster movies and exciting TV shows are always looking for new ways of interacting with their favorite characters and stories, so movie-based slot themes have proven to be a fantastic way of engaging new players.

These are only some of the most popular themed slots that are out there. Other successful themes for online casino slots include:

  • Music slots based on famous bands and artists
  • Adventure slots, transporting players into new and mystical worlds
  • Space slots, allowing players to explore the galaxy while also winning cash prizes

Some Unique Slot Themes

Stepping away from popular slot themes such as Batman movies and entering an exciting new world on an adventure, some pretty crazy themes are also out there, capturing the imagination of players enough to become popular. It may be surprising, but slots exist that show unicorns with machine guns instead of horns, old grannies running riot through cities, and even slots that are themed on the bible. Here are some of the wildest slot themes that can currently be found:

  • Cyrus the Virus: Hand-sanitiser may be required nearby when playing this game, which focuses on a germ-induced slot machine
  • You Lucky Bastard: This game isn't for those who loathe bad language, as the slot enjoys swearing at its players in an old-school kind of way
  • Machine Gun Unicorn: This particular slot is strange, to say the least, with zombie heads pickling in jars used as symbols and, predictably, a unicorn with a machine gun sticking from its head.

Which Gambling Software Makes the Best Themes?

It can be difficult to choose which gambling software creator comes out with the best themes, as they're all so different and have their own pros and cons. However, developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming are known for releasing some genius and also bonkers themes that have attracted the attention of many online slots fans. Themed slots can also be found from Playtech and Yggdrasil, which have also developed some particularly successful games. Which developers and casinos are best all come down to personal taste, and sites such as SlotsRank allow players to evaluate which games are best suited to them and which casinos can provide them the most enjoyable experience overall.

Different slots with awesome themes are released on an almost daily basis, so exploring the internet to find the next exciting game to be played is always recommended for online slots players. Much fun can be had playing slot games that carry epic themes, as long as that entertainment is had while gambling responsibly. Explore the SlotsRank site and find out more about the world of online slots and the stories behind them, as well as which casinos provide the best slots.

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