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Best Themes slots ranked by players



What are 3D Slots?

3D slots are basically video slots where the designers use special graphics to make the game look like in 3D. But don’t worry, you won’t need to wear any special 3D glasses when playing these games. The first of the providers to use this technology for their slots was Betsoft Gaming. Their entire games portfolio is pretty much 3D slots. When they first came out they simply amazed the gambling community. Their slots were a novelty and a big hit and they were the main reason why Betsoft managed to build a name for themselves.

So what makes 3D

slots so exciting to play?

Like we mentioned earlier it’s all about the graphics. The designers managed to create visually stunning games by using modern animations and by designing the game symbols in 3D. Most of these slots feature one or more animations during base play and even more for the bonus rounds. Some 3D slots adopted a story design, so as you play the game you unlock different parts of the story. Of course this is visually well presented so the game is fun to play and you can easily spend hours spinning the reels.

But some designers took the 3D slots concept one step further. They designed slots for which you do need 3D glasses in order to play the game. If you played it without the glasses the game would look fuzzy and blur. But once you put on the glasses you could experience the full 3D pleasure. Needless to say that these games didn’t become a big hit as expected and most players stuck to the original 3D slots. After Betsoft NetEnt adopted the 3D design for some of their slots and managed to take them to the next level. The leading slot with this innovative design by NetEnt was Gonzo’s Quest.



Adventure slots are quite popular games across online casinos. The concept behind these slots is to take you on an adventure, so you can break away from your daily routine. Adventure slots vary and they are one of the most common video slots you can come across at the casinos. Even though the concept is adventure the games themselves vary in theme. The adventure can take place in Ancient Egypt, it can be a trip across the sea, an expedition to the North Pole, the search for El Dorado in the dark jungles and many, many more. Some providers take adventure slots one step further, combining them with popular movies or famous adventurers. This led to the release of some great slots like Indiana Jones, Tomb Rider or Gonzo’s Quest. These games are packed with adventure and come with great bonus features which can produce massive payouts. So it’s no wonder why they enjoy a big popularity among players at online casinos. It seems that adventure slots enjoy a special treatment among the game designers as well. Many of these games are simply packed with bonus features, which makes the game play super exciting. You never know when you’re going to hit the next bonus round and the payouts it will bring. These games are a great way to go on an adventure, without ever having to leave your house. Most of them have great visual details and outstanding animations, making them real eye candy slots which you will enjoy playing. Thanks to online casinos today the adventure never needs to end. You can play the same games over and over again and go on an adventure pretty much every day. All you need to do is pick one of the adventure slots we have in stock and give it a try at your favorite casino.


Classic Slot

Classic slots is a reference used for older slots which dominated the casino floors when this industry was still an infant. Online casinos adopted this design in order to suit the needs of older players and players which still fancied these machines. So what do classic slots have to offer? Well speaking in terms of visual details and game play not much. Classic slots are simple games with 3 reels and usually anywhere from 1 to 5 active pay lines. The game play is pretty dull at times since most of them have no bonus round installed. Most of them don’t even have a Wild symbol available, so if you’re used to playing modern video slots you can be taken aback by the simplicity of these games. But still classic slots can be quite lucrative at times since most of them have a rich pay table. Another advantage is that you are only playing on a single or up to 5 active pay lines. So in fact you are betting pretty high per bet line. The top payout in many classic slots easily surpasses 5,000 times the total stake, so with some luck on your side you can have a pretty successful session on these games. Today the number of classic slots at online casinos is pretty low. The provider which has the biggest number of classic slots is Microgaming, while other providers limit their offer to only a handful of classic slots. You can also find some classic slots which come with a progressive jackpot attached or a high top payout. Just like in any other slot game winning the progressive jackpot can prove to be a daunting task, but with some luck on your side nothing is impossible. In the end even a classic slot will pay if you’re persistent enough.



When we talk about fruit machine slots we can go several ways. Basically this term is used for slots which have a fruit theme and the symbols on the reels are fruits of all shapes and sizes. But some players use this term to refer to classic slots. The reason for this is that most of the older classic slots had a fruit theme, accompanied with Bars, Sevens or Diamonds symbols. So the name fruit machines stuck for many of the older classic slots. Fruit machines are usually older slots and are designed by providers which primarily targeted land based casinos. You could often see these games on the casino floor with cherries, melons, lemons and grapes across the reels. Some of these fruit machines were known to produce massive payouts and earned an iconic status at land based and even online casinos alike. One of them being Sizzling Hot by Novomatic. Older players surely know this game and can tell you that it’s one of the most popular fruit machines of all times. Today fruit machines have made their way to pretty much all software providers. You can easily spot them in the games collection as they tend to stick out with the top paying fruit symbol. Just like any other slot games fruit machines can be fun to play and can produce massive payouts. It all depends on the game designers and what they decided to add in terms of payouts and bonus features. Needless to say that these games are still popular, especially among older players. There’s just something about fruit machines which makes you want to spin the reels and hope for a big payout. Maybe it’s simply nostalgia for a simpler time at the casinos, maybe it’s the stories about massive payouts. Either way fruit machines are bound to stay popular games across land based and online casinos alike.



Movie slots are a big thing in the online gambling industry. They are one of the most popular slots and always attract a big number of experienced and newbie players alike. Why is this so? Well simply because of the theme. Movie slots are easily recognized by players, especially if they are based on a popular blockbuster movie or an entire franchise. When a player opens up the slots category at some online casino movie slots tend to pop up because the theme is popular. So the idea behind this concept is that the player will open the movie slot and give it a try even if he’s never played it before. But getting the rights to create a slot based on some movie is not an easy process. The provider will need to sign an agreement and pay certain fees to the studio which owns the right for the movie in order get permission to create the slot. Sometimes this can start a bidding war among the providers, since they know very well just how profitable movie slots can be. If the provider does a good job with the game that slot can bring in revenue for years to come. For example, Microgaming signed an agreement with several companies like DC Entertainment, Studiocanal and Creative Licensing, which resulted in several branded movie slots to enrich the Microgaming portfolio. These agreements by Microgaming and other software providers brought us a big number of great movie slots which are still popular years after they were first launched. If a movie which is used to create a slot gains an iconic status, then the game itself will have a guaranteed popularity among players at online casinos. This is why all software providers aim to gain the rights to create a movie slot and hope for a big profit in the long run.


Progressive Slot

Progressive slots are games which are pooled over a network of games or a network of casinos. These are usually jackpot games where the top prize is fed by a network. This usually leads to the top prize ranging in the millions of dollars. How does this work exactly? Well you already know that you can play the games from one software provider across a number of casinos. If you play a progressive jackpot game which is pooled over the entire network of casinos which the provider powers, you will see that the jackpot prize is the same at every casino and constantly rising. This is so because every bet that is made on the game from all players, across all casinos which have the game in their offer, contributes to the top jackpot prize. This is how some progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune can reach over $15 million. Some players often look at progressive jackpots as cheating slots which eat away your balance and pay nothing in return. For many players it’s also incomprehensible how a casino which has a monthly withdrawal limit of $2,000 will be able to payout the top jackpot prize. First off progressive jackpots are high variance slots which are known to eat a lot of balance. This is so because a part of the bet goes to feed the jackpot, so it’s natural that the base play payouts will be significantly lower. As for the payout part you needn’t worry. All progressive jackpots are paid out by the provider company and not the casino itself. So if you win $15 million on Mega Moolah the payment will come from Microgaming. This is done to ensure that the player will be paid in full and on time, in order to keep the impeccable reputation of the company.



TV slots work pretty much the same as Movie slots. They are in the same category of branded slots, but come with a different twist. No, we don’t mean slots based on some popular brand which produces TV’s. Usually when we talk about TV slots we mean games which are based on some popular TV show or a celebrity. These games can be very popular among players and are usually focused on a certain target group. For example, a provider can create a slot based on some popular TV show based in the UK. The chances are that the show will reach people from other countries as well, but the primary audience for the game will be players coming from the UK. The concept behind TV slots is basically the same as for Movie slots. The player can easily pick up on the slot, especially if he’s a fan of the show. So when facing a plethora of unknown slots, he is more likely to go for the TV slot. The popularity these slots enjoy in online casinos works in favor for the provider in the long run, bringing in revenue for years to come. What makes TV slots attractive to players is also the plethora of bonus features they have in stock. Many providers decide to add a big number of features based on the characters of the show. This way the player will enjoy in the game play as he triggers bonus rounds which come with recognizable parts from the show. If the provider does a great job with the TV slot it can easily become a personal favorite for many players, bringing in even bigger revenue over the years. So the next time you’re playing at a casino browse through the games and see whether some TV slot catches your attention.


Video Slot

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