Online Casino Slots

Casinos are capable of being extremely fun locations to visit. It is an environment dedicated totally to immersing a person in the world of gambling by using flashing lights, drinks and sounds. Although for most people casinos can provide a great experience, not everyone enjoys them as much. For some people, the lights are too dim, for others, the ambiance is wild and distracting. There are even a select group of people who have difficulty attending casinos for multiple personal reasons. These people should not be denied the fun a casino offers because of these reasons.

That is the beauty of online casinos slot machines. The internet has connected humanity in a way that was never thought possible less than a decade ago. It’s truly amazing how the advent of the Internet and wireless technology has provided people with options that free them from their physical and mental limitations. By freeing people from the confines of these limitations they can now enjoy the same joy of slot machine gambling as anyone else.

An online casino slot machine doesn’t just have to be for people with physical limitations, it’s also great for people who don’t want to go through the trouble of booking flights, hotel reservations, or paying for general travel fees. With modern technology, the casino can come to you through your computer or mobile device. So now, thanks to the internet and mobile technology, you can enjoy the advantages of online slot machine gambling from the comfort of your own home.

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Gonzo’s Quest Slot Review
Gonzo’s Quest Slot Review

 Gonzo’s Quest has a conquistador in the main role, one of the conquerors that went to South America in search of fame and fortune. Gonzo is a character that we see placed on the left side on the screen, the reels being on the right. The game is not just based on conquistadors, but also around the ...

  • Beautiful design
  • Free Spins

Genre Video Slot
Players Favourite
2 Good Girl Bad Girl – Slot Review
Good Girl Bad Girl – Slot Review

Good Girl Bad Girl About Good Girl Bad Girl is a game that you probably recognize if you’ve played Betsoft slot machines in the past. If you haven’t then you will find that it has a unique angle to play here, showing us the ultimate two sides, good vs evil. The good side is represented by an blonde angel in a ...

  • High RTP
  • Free Spins

Genre Progressive Slot
Editor choice
3 Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Review
Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Review

About Net Ent’s Jack and the Beanstalk is a game that was created based on an old fairytale, with origins from England. It’s been known since the 18th century at least, though the name was different back then. It’s not a theme that you’re going to find only at Net Ent, since a few other developers have also chosen ...

  • Bonus Game
  • Great Graphics

Genre Video Slot
Editor choice
4 Dr Watts Up Slot Review from Microgaming – Bonus and freespins
Dr Watts Up Slot Review from Microgaming – Bonus and freespins

AboutMicrogaming has its own idea of what an evil scientist themed game should be like, and we see it in this game, called Dr Watts Up. The evil scientist is far from a new topic, but Microgaming does it justice here. They’re not exactly known for a very high design quality, but in this case they’ve outdone ...

  • Great Bonus Game
  • High RTP

Genre Video Slot
5 Under the Bed Slots Review
Under the Bed Slots Review

About Under The Bed will take advantage of one of the things that a lot of children will go through, the fear of the dark and of the things that might hide in it. Whether it’s about something that hides in the closet, or a monster under the bed, children often tend to imagine that things exist where they’re really ...

  • Bonus Game
  • Free Spins

Genre Video Slot
Players Favourite
6 Starburst Slot Review from NetEnt – Bonus and freespins
Starburst Slot Review from NetEnt – Bonus and freespins

About Starburst is one of the games that have gotten a lot of attention from casinos since it was launched by Net Ent. You’re going to often see free spins being offered for this particular game when you sign-up at various casinos. It’s not the kind of game that I’d normally swoon after, not with the classic theme ...

  • Bonus Game

Genre Video Slot
7 Avalon II Slots Review & Bonus – Microgaming
Avalon II Slots Review & Bonus – Microgaming

About Avalon II is, as the name suggests, the second title from Microgaming to be based on the legendary island that is mentioned in the story of King Arthur. It tries to build on the popularity of the first Avalon slot, and it takes us on an adventure to locate the Holy Grail.Microgaming seems to have gone all ...

  • High RTP
  • Bonus Game

Genre Video Slot
8 Immortal Romance – Slot Review
Immortal Romance – Slot Review

Immortal Romance About Immortal Romance takes on a subject that seems to be popular lately, that of the attractive vampires that will live forever, the focus of so many movies and books in the last couple of decades. The slot machine we have here comes via Microgaming, and you will find that it has a certain ...

  • Free Spins

Genre Video Slot
9 Diablo 13 – Slot Review
Diablo 13 – Slot Review

Diablo 13 About Diablo 13 is your basic devil and bad luck themed game, featuring everything from skulls, to black cats, demons and devils. It’s just an overall dark looking game, with a gothic design and all the other features that I’ve mentioned. It’s a theme that I’ve seen other developers go with before, so ...

  • Free Spins
  • Bonus Game

Genre Progressive Slot
Pragmatic Play
10 Lucky Koi – Slot Review
Lucky Koi – Slot Review

Lucky Koi   About Lucky Koi has a theme which is based on the idea of a decorative pond, a traditional one that you would see in a Chinese garden. That’s why you’re going to find a lot of symbols of Chinese origin on the reels, alongside the ones which show you pond insects, turtles or Koi fish.A total ...

  • High RTP
  • Free Spins

Genre Video Slot
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$500 in Deposit Bonus + 200 Free Spins VISIT CASINO TO CLAIM BONUS!Casino Room is a unique online gambling site that includes classic games, promotions, ...

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Double your First Deposit Up to €300VISIT CASINO TO CLAIM Ensures a Safe and Fun Time ...

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Get 100% bonus up to €200 at Energy CasinoGO TO CASINO TO CLAIM BONUS!Probe Investments Limited founded back in 2013 after first ...

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You Get 20 free spins in Starburst just for signing up!Deposit $25 and get extra $50 and 180 free spins in Starburst - 20 spins daily for 9 days.The ...

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£1200 in Bonus spread over 5 Deposits GO TO CASINO FOR BONUS!Sign up and get 20 free spins in StarburstMake your first deposit and get it tripled ...

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Behind are a group of gambling enthusiasts that created a passion for the casino industry at the cruise ships and the slot machines. It was followed by poker and our selves we have a special passion for live casino. is the latest contribution in the group which started with

Online Casino Slots vs Land-based slots

Slot machine lovers can choose between online slots and land-based slots for their gambling pleasures. Pros and cons exist to both methods of slot machine play.

The Benefits of Land-Based Slots

The biggest benefit of the land-based slot machines is that players get to physically pull the slot machine lever and watch the icon go round and round in front of their eyes. The online slots do not give a player the same feel that the old-fashioned land-based slot machine can give. Another benefit of the land-based machines is that the player gets to collect cash money inside of the casino if he wins. Online slot payments go to a bank account or credit card, and the person many not have access to them right away. Land-based slot machines are good for people who like social events, as well. They give the person the opportunity to come out of the house and spend some time around some other people who appreciate the casino life.

Free Spins at Online Slots Machines

Free spins at online slot machines have increased massively the last decade. There are a couple of different types of free spins. You have the free spins that are given to you while play and trigger specific targets and there are the spins you get for signing up or depositing money to a new online casino. The most popular spins are the free spins you get before you need to deposit but still generate real money. Insta Casino is an example of providing just that. As many other casino bonuses most free spins are tied to a wagering requirement which means that the money you win while playing your free spins need to be turned around numerous times before you can actually withdraw them. Free spins you get for signing up shall be seen as a welcome bonus to try the casino out more than a big chance to win money. If you are a UK resident and are looking for free spins we recommend !

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The Benefits of Online Slots

The greatest benefit of online slots is the variety. No land-based casino can offer as many options as players have when they use online slots. Players get to experience a vast assortment of slot machine types online. Just a few of the types of casino slot games they can play online are:

  • Video Slots
  • Progressive slots
  • Multipayline slots
  • Loyalty slots
  • Bonus slots

The slot machines could also have a vast assortment of themes associated with them. Some of the most common themes are fantasy, table games, fruits, animals and fairy tales. Online slots provide privacy for the player, as well. They are perfect for people who like to keep to themselves and stay out of the general population. They allow the player to avoid spending money on fuel just to get to the casino.

Characteristics of Online Slots – Would You Rather Win Small Amounts Often Or One Large Amount?

When it comes to playing the slots you have some choices to make. Not only do you have to decide how much you are going to gamble, but you need to make a choice about what types of wins you are looking for. You want to consider if you would like to see some smaller wins more frequently or if you want to look for a life-changing jackpot win.

Obviously, the larger the possible win the less likely you are to actually win it. You could keep trying and trying and trying and never really get there. However, if you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot on one of those mega jackpot games, then you could win enough to really change the direction of your life.

The biggest jackpots come with games that are known as progressive jackpot slot machines. This is because these machines pool together the bets of players playing the game all throughout the casino and perhaps all throughout multiple casinos in some cases. The progressive jackpot ticks up and up and up until someone finally wins the huge amount.

Smaller win games provide more excitement for certain types of players. What these players are looking for is a nice bit of excitement with any given spin. They do not want to have to wait forever to get a win. While the wins that they do manage to get are much smaller than a progressive jackpot, at least they get to have a little excitement in their play when they get something that is well above the amount that they originally bet. That can be just as exciting for some players.

Consider which method of the game may be the best for you. It could go either way for you depending entirely on what type of slot machine player you really are.

The Future of Online Slot Machines

The casino lifestyle is grand. It’s an eccentric lifestyle for big buyers and high rollers set to the backdrop of cash and good atmosphere. Being a part of this environment gives you a sense of belonging and importance that a person rarely gets in the outside world. Every time a slot machine rings a win, everyone in the room recognizes that you are a winner. It’s almost as addictingly sweet as the games themselves. But what about if money is running low, or you’re on a budget but still want to get your kicks? Then maybe you should consider free slot machines online.

Free online slot machines are the slot machines you love presented in a digitized form. Providing all the gambling love as a traditional slot machine, online slot machines allow you to play at your own convenience without paying a single penny. The added bonus of having a wireless connection and a mobile device is being able to play anywhere with a connection. The free element of these online slot machines is the big draw. It allows people who enjoy gambling to be able to take part in the fun without the fear of the initial risk. It also allows them to take a chance on slot machines they would never otherwise try. Some people fear that the quality of free slot machines is lower than traditional pay to play slot machines. In the past, this may have been true, but with the radical shift in technology, and the creation of ad space content, developers have found other ways to make money to be able to offer players the chance to play these free online slot machines.

Free online slot machines may or may not be the future of online slot machines, but it can’t be argued that they are huge fun!

Real Money Slots

Slot machines have long been one of the hottest commodities at online and offline casinos. The pull of the handle, the sounds of the reels, and the loud, ringing noises of a jackpot are all things that are literally music to the ears of gamblers. The online video slot world definitely captures the vibe of this kind of excitement better than even some offline casinos. Why? It’s simple. Not only can you spin the virtual reels, but you can win actual money at these casinos too.

What Makes These Slots Possible?

Thanks to the many online payment platforms, you’re able to actually add your money from a bank or from your many online payment platforms, such as PayPal. These payment platforms make it possible to convert one currency into another easily so that whatever you win at these casinos will actually go into your real money accounts.

Popular Real Money Slots

Iron Man 2, Guns N Roses, and Golden Gorilla are all very popular in the real money casino world. These slots feature amazing online slot action and pay out randomly and fairly. Not every slot game is built the same. Some will have bigger jackpots and some will allow for small amount betting, giving you a lot more options when you play. There is also the number of paylines to consider and the fact that these casinos need to allow for complete fairness when you’re putting your real money on the line. There are so many of these amazing games to choose from and a lot of different developers out there that are creating them, NetEnt being one of the premier creators of these amazing games. These real money casinos are 100% legal to use and offer a myriad of great payment platforms that allow you to put your dollars on the line.

Different Kind of Bonuses at Online Casinos

When going to a casino floor, you will have all the excitement of hearing the winning coins along with the zeal of other players to help pump you up. To give a player that same excitement they have created bonuses for online casino games. With these bonuses, you can have a larger chance at winning and longer play time.

When looking for bonuses, you will find that they may be different for each casino. The bonus also will vary depending on what online game you plan on playing. Let’s take a look at some online bonuses and what they can do for a player.

Online Casino Bonus

There are many online casino bonuses to choose from that will benefit the player. When looking for the top of the line bonuses, you will want to be sure to check the small print. It is important to know what each bonus all entails before signing up for any online casino game. If you know what the best bonuses are, you will get the most out of your buck.

However, if you just randomly choose an online casino game without checking out the bonuses that are available online, you could lose a significant chunk of winnings that you could have earned otherwise. Many online casinos promise to deliver top quality services with fast and secure transactions and a substantial amount of bonuses.

On the other hand, some casinos may have a sign online package bonus program that offers bonus throughout the length of time that you play one of their online games. Some may offer bonuses like match bonus, percentage bonus, deposit bonus, no deposit casino bonus, free play casino bonus, or refer a friend bonus. All of these online casino bonuses can give the player an extra boost in the right direction to win some cash earnings possibly.

Welcome Bonus / Signup Bonus

A welcome bonus or better known as a sign-up bonus are made available to entice a player to participate in that particular casino site. Wow, free money! Everyone can benefit from the free money, but what is the catch? Any player knows that any business trying to make money is not just going to hand free money over without a few terms and regulations to follow first. For example, let’s say the casino offers you £300 to sign up in free slot spins or free chips.

However, the only way to receive the bonus you must deposit a certain amount of cash. This type of bonus allows the casino to offer a promotional bonus without risking a loss because most players will continue playing their games because most gamblers are hooked on the thrill of the game. What is the main benefit from a start-up bonus? A huge benefit is that your bankroll will be larger from the start.

All gambler players know that the bigger your bankroll, the higher your bonuses will be. Therefore, providing a player with the more substantial amount of cash or playing time. Most online Casinos do allow you to cash in your start-up bonuses once you have completed their regulations and guidelines. If you choose your start up bonus wisely, it is possible to double your cash investment.

Match Bonus
Match bonuses are used by online casinos to bring in new customers and lower the risk of offering free money. They also require the player to deposit a certain amount before it is unlocked. Many modern casinos offer a match bonus of 50 percent, 100 percent, 200 percent, or 400 percent for a new player. However, each level of match bonus may have a set of requirements.

For example, if you deposit £1000 and the bonus offer is 50 percent you will be given an extra £500 to your bankroll. If your bonus offer is 100 percent with a deposit of £1000, you will collect an extra £1000 to your bankroll. For most casinos, the regulations and the guideline will become more extensive when the match bonus is high. Always be sure to read all the fine print on any match bonus offer because some do not allow you to keep any cash that you may have accumulated by using the cash bonus.

Most online casinos require a player to play a certain amount of their deposit and bonus before they are permitted to withdraw any money. There may be different restrictions for Blackjack versus the Slots due to the magnitude of the game. Some games may not even donate toward the wagering obligations of a bonus. Always take a look at what a game offers before playing.

Percentage Bonus
This bonus is a percentage of your initial deposit and can vary from one promotion to another. Some online casinos offer a percentage bonus when they fill their business is in need of new customers. Most likely the percent will range from as low as five percent to a high of 50 percent. In fact, you may come across an online casino that offers a promotion that includes more than one bonus offer a fixed rate or a percentage.

However, they will only reward you the bonus that gives you the best value towards your cash deposit. The terms may vary on what you need to do to receive or withdraw the percentage bonus. As an example, they may require you to place a wager on the amount of your bonus to receive it. While others require you to wager the purchase price before receiving the bonus, some casinos want you to request the bonus which can take a few days to process.

On the other hand, others may deposit your percentage bonus as soon as you meet their requirements. As always, you will find the percentage bonus regulations, and guidelines are on the online casino information page in depth. If you plan to wager a significant amount of cash, a percentage bonus will be of great value to you. In most cases, the percentage bonus promotion measures by the sum of money you deposit. Plus, most of the time the percentage bonus increases with every deposit you make.

Deposit Bonus
Many online casinos provide a deposit bonus for those players that use a Wire Transfer, Prepaid ATM, or Neteller to make a deposit into their account. There could be many reasons why online casinos feel the need to offer this bonus. A few reasons could be because they are just feeling generous or that it’s more cost efficient than processing credit cards. No matter what the online casino ideas are if you choose to place a deposit in your account in this manner, you will receive the bonus.

An online deposit bonus promotion is broken down into two methods such as fixed or percentage. A set bonus is limited to approximately £10 – £20. While a percentage bonus can be excessively high of about 10 percent to 20 percent with no limits holding you back. On the other hand, online casinos like to reward you by giving you a bonus every time you deposit money. The incentive could depend on the size of your deposit. For instance, if you deposit £150 and the online casino’s promotion gives you 15 percent more, you will have £172.50 to wager.

No Deposit Casino Bonus
No deposit bonus is just that free money with no obligations to deposit any money into your account. Therefore, any online casino that offers this bonus will automatically place the promotional amount of chips or slot spins into your account as soon as you open one. This free offer is perfect for a beginner to learn the ins and outs of the game without any risk to them.

It also can benefit those who want to take a chance on their next gambling high with no initial start up amount. These bonuses typically vary from £10 to £50. Even though this offer sounds great, some online casinos will have a stipulation that you can never withdraw any money earned from the bonus or even the bonus itself. However, some do permit the player to withdraw their winnings if they have met their requirements.

All stipulation that may apply with this no deposit bonus should be able to be found on the bonus page of the site. The casino’s main goal is to get players addicted to the online casino game enough to begin using their cash. So, keep a look out for any no deposit bonus offers to receive a great bonus.

Free Play Casino Bonuses
Free play bonuses is a good way to get to know how to play an online casino game. However, if you decide to deposit a small amount of cash you could win real cash bonuses. So, what is a free play bonus? Unlike the no deposit free cash bonus, the free play bonus offers a limited amount of minutes or hours.

If you do not choose to deposit any money into the online casino game, you will lose your winnings. For example, if your play bonus starts you out at £500 and your winnings are £600, you have a profit of £100. Once you make a small deposit, you will receive your £100 as a cash bonus to your new existing money account. There almost never are any cash out limits on free play bonuses, but you must abide by the online casino
game wagering regulations.

Online casinos use the free play bonus to introduce a new game that they are now offering on their site. This promotion is to get players involved in learning the game while enticing them to want more. However, when the promotional time is over, you will either need to forfeit your earning or open a cash account to continue playing the game.

Refer A Friend Bonus
This bonus can benefit an existing player when they refer their friends to their favorite online casino game. Therefore, when you encourage a friend to join any given online casino game that is offering refer-a-friend bonus, you will receive the promotional bonus. These promotional bonuses usually offer free slot spins, chips, or cash to the existing player. The new player will receive other bonuses that are available to new sign on customers.

The online casino offers this promotion as a way to say thank you for giving them a new customer. To get credit for referring your friend you need to send their email address to the online casino. Tell your friend to respond to the online casino’s email and that they are a substantial and legit site.

Then, if your friend deposits money and starts to wager and play the game, you will receive £10 to £50 depending on the promotion. Every casino refer-a-friend bonus promotion will have requirements to follow. For instance, some may only require one wager to be placed by your friend while others may require several wagers before issuing you your bonus.

Wager Requirements
Online casinos have wagering requirements to protect themselves from a major fall or loss in money. It also gives the casino away to promote a bonus on a new game without taking a major risk. The player is made aware in the requirements that they must complete a certain amount of wagers before they are entitled to receive the bonus. By offering a bonus with requirements is the casino’s way of getting new cliental to wager on their online casino games. You will find that all casinos have different wager requirements for their establishment. The requirements also can vary from one game to another.

For instance, let’s just say the wagering requirement is 30X before the player can receive the start-up bonus. So, for this requirement, it’s telling players that they need to bet or wager (£100) 30 times “totaling £3,000” to be entitled to the bonus offer. However, if you are playing Blackjack which has a low house edge, it will only total £300 leaving the player £2,700 short for the requirement. Unfortunately, you will need to wager more times until it totals up to £3,000. It would be more beneficial to play a game that has a higher house edge to receive your bonus faster and with less cost to the player.

Largest Bonus isn’t necessarily the best

As mentioned above, all casinos have different wagering requirements. Most casinos have strict regulations when it comes to a huge bonus amount. If the bonus is large, the online casino will expect the player to complete more requirements, before receiving the bonus. Most of the expectations are unrealistic that many players are unable to complete them.

Therefore, unless you’re a strong high-stakes gambler, it may be more difficult than one realizes. That is the reason that huge bonus amounts are not always the best online bonuses to choose. Be sure to read your terms and regulations before you take a leap at a huge bonus and take the time to see if it is an achievable wagering requirement.

In this article, you have learned how online casino bonuses work and why casinos promote them. Furthermore, you have learned that there usually is a requirement to be fulfilled before a player receives the bonus offer. A few things to remember, always check the regulations and requirements and be sure that they are attainable.

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