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Best Animals slots ranked by players

Animal Themed Slots

Everyone knows of at least some animals, and most will have a personal favorite. Whether it's a cute and cuddly kitten being taken care of as a pet or a wild and mighty lion, people simply can't get enough of their friends and neighbors in the animal kingdom. In fact, many of the world's most viral videos have featured animals, often being super adorable or doing something that can make the internet laugh. It's no wonder then that animal themed slots are a popular choice among online casino fans looking for slots online to play and win big on. Continue reading this handy guide for everything that must be known about online slots with animals.

Best Animals slots ranked by players


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Animal Themed Slots

What are Themes on Slots?

Technically, almost every slot carries a theme in some shape or form. While the theme may not always stand out and be totally obvious, elements of theming will always be there. For instance, on more traditional slot machines, the earliest examples were based on poker, with the symbols represented on the reels being card faces. The later fruit machines also held a theme, with different bubble gum flavors being represented across the symbols and often paying out gum as opposed to cash. The theme is what the slot is about, allowing players to feel different emotions and a greater sense of excitement when playing the games. Slots online have continued these traditions of using specific themes to enhance the games being developed, and these themes come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of what a player is looking for, a theme is almost certainly going to exist for it.

The theme of a slot dictates not just the symbols that will appear on the different reels when spun, but with online casinos, it's also possible that different characters will be available in the slots games and that greater stories will be told. Some slot games also have bonus rounds that are unlocked when certain symbols appear on winning paylines, allowing players to have a go at something a little bit different while also maximizing their winnings.

What are Online Slots with Animals?

For casino game developers, animals are a popular theme due to how easily they can be integrated into a wide variety of different games. The animal kingdom is large, with a significant array of different species that make it easy to develop an almost endless list of exciting and engaging online slots with animals. It's not even necessary to simply include just one animal with the entire game centered around the single creature, as different species can all readily piece into a wider theme. For instance, an animal themed slot centered around the jungle could include many animals, such as monkeys, spiders, tigers, and even various birds.

Slots online that feature animals tap into the human love for creatures of all shapes and sizes. Many grew up owning pets, and what child doesn't enjoy a visit to the zoo? Animals create a sense of nostalgic childhood excitement for a lot of casino game lovers, as well as providing a slot that feels unique and unlike many of the other themes out there. Animals are universal, providing developers and casinos with a wide market that can be tapped into, unlike some slot themes that focus on more niche markets. Everyone knows what the symbols of an animal slot game mean, recognizing the different creatures relatively easily. It's all of these factors, and more, that allow gamblers to feel excited when playing online slots with animals, anticipating their next potential win of real cash.

Are There Any Slots with Wild Animals?

Animal themed slots are a highly popular game choice for casino pundits worldwide, with the universality of animals proving to be successful for game developers. All kinds of animal themes can be found, with so many slots online now offering them. Sites such as SlotsRank allow wannabe players to find and review all kinds of casinos, and themed slot games, including animal themed slots with wild animals being included in this. What could be better than sitting down for some fun while winning cash prizes on an online slot, as a wild animal such as a lion or a leopard appears on the screen as part of the game, with players sometimes being able to interact?

Mega Moolah by Microgaming has been an especially exciting game among players, not only providing gamers with the opportunity to win large cash prizes but also tapping into the stimulating African theme, with monkeys, elephants, and lions all featuring in the game and getting players truly engaged with the wild world of animals. Untamed, by the same developer, also features differing wild animals and allows players to play the game as a Wolf Pack, the Giant Panda, or even the Bengal Tiger. When looking for any animal themed slots, including wild animals that have elements of mystery to them, there are guaranteed to be slots out there that can satisfy the craving.

Why Do Slot Themes Matter for Players?

While everyone is unique, each holding individual reasons for caring about particular slot themes, it's possible to find common links between players. Slot themes may come in many forms, but the underlying connection between them is that they all increase the sense of fun and excitement for those who are playing the game. Just clicking a button to spin the reels that all look the same isn't all that interesting, even if winning money is involved.

It becomes boring and repetitive. However, it's the themed slots online and the advanced graphics that are being released that truly exhilarate a player and allows them to become more greatly absorbed into the game. Themes now tell different stories, allowing players to explore new worlds and go on adventures they previously couldn't with online casinos. Winning the money sure is great; who doesn't enjoy extra money in their bank account? But it's the fun of the process that's truly appealing, with animal themed slots among other themes all adding to this heightened enjoyment for gamblers.

Top Animal Slot Machines to Try Out

Top Animal Slot Machines to Try Out

Slots are popular online casino games, so popular that they are played more often than any other casino games. That's for good reasons, one of them being that slots are easy to play; one does not need any prior experience to start playing slots. Slots also come in a vast range of exciting themes, including animals.

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