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The winning Iron Cross Betting System



Iron cross is amongst the betting systems which consists the longest history. This is because, most people get to use it; furthermore, there will always be a higher chance of winning for any bet placed. Since it is not a sophisticated betting strategy, the iron cross gets to become one of the commonly used. The system works by taking advantage of a field wager. This means that a player will only have to bet on 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12, thus having a better chance of making a profit. Likewise, it will get to involve two types of bets which will get to guarantee anyone that they do get to make some profit in the long run. Betting Types 1. Field Bets The player will have to bet on specific numbers thus getting to make some profit. These numbers will include; 2, 3, 4 ,9 ,10, 11 or even 12. In case any other number is rolled with the dice, it gets to be a loss. 2. Place Bets It is also similar to field bets, in this case, however, a player gets to bet on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. As noted, some of the numbers within the place bets are also included within the field bets thus getting to guarantee a win nonetheless. How Iron Cross Works When anyone gets to use the iron cross system, it will be evident that number 7 is nowhere within the strategies made. This is because the betting system is also known as the no seven systems. Anytime a bet is made, and the result gets to be 7, the player loses; therefore, this will be the only number a player will have to avoid thus being able to guarantee a profit. When using iron bet system, this should be something everyone will have to consider at all times. For most iron cross players, they get to wait until there is a pass line number. This gets to ascertain that the player can know of all the best numbers to choose thus placing a wager on either 5, 6 or 8 which will cover everything apart from 7. The best strategy that anyone can use is getting, to begin with, the small wagers. They do get to provide the player with an opportunity in which they can use within the game and also within the betting system. Conclusion Using the iron cross system is easy, and it is also something which anyone can get to make some profit with. It would be better when someone gets to know what would make him or her some money and what will not. Meaning that using the iron cross system will always guarantee most people a win, thus being able to come with a useful strategy in the long run. Since a player is looking to being surfeited, getting to avoid number 7 will be the only way to which the win will be achieved. By mastering all this, any player does have a chance of making some profits.

The winning Iron Cross Betting System


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