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Top 4 online casinos that went live in 2016


4. Supernova Casino The Supernova Casino is an online casino established in 2016 by Blue Media. Supernova online casino is available in the United States and many other countries globally. The casino features lucrative promotions as well as a well-established software package that could easily make it a competitive option in the US market. Rival Gaming software is the power behind the Supernova. To many American gamblers, Rival Gaming Software is well-known, and are said to be one of the most popular and innovative game developers. Their fame comes from the huge collection of slot machines they have and are different from the often interchangeable titles often seen from other studios. This is largely as a result of the work that this company has dedicated to their slot line of games. On the surface, their games are very conventional: most are five-reel games with the goal of matching symbols from left to the right across paylines. But with a deeper look, a gambler will be able to uncover some features that set these slot machines apart from the pack. One of the things that a gambler will notice is that most of the games offered have storytelling elements. At certain scenes, the game will show a fleshed-out story that involves characters you will see on reels while playing through spins. You will also find regular slots among these games. 3. Loki Casino The Loki Casino is another new gaming website also established in 2016. The casino is managed by Netcom N.V who have operated and managed over 100 brick and mortar casinos in ex-Soviet countries and Europe. This online casino site combines some of the most exciting live and virtual casino games. This casino looks very simple at a glance, with their logo represented by a violet crown. Loki Casino provides its players with a wide range of top class games that have been developed by reputable software developers. Players can enjoy well over 500 titles that meet the expectations of both new and seasoned players. The minute a player signs up, he or she enjoys a modern and neat design that allows them to browse through the content quickly. In addition to this, all transactions are 100% safe and secured by a 128-bit SSL encryption security technology. 2. Wixstars Casino Another top online casino that was launched in 2016 is the Wixstars Casino. The casino is quickly becoming a favorite online gambling site due to the vast selection of casino games, slots, mobile gaming for on-the-go play and live dealers. Loyal players have a VIP club where they enjoy great perks, while other players will enjoy exciting bonuses and promotions. The Wixstars casino is available in many languages including English, Finnish, Norwegian, and German. The casino is owned by Brightnet and managed by Aspire Global International Limited who hold a gambling license from the Malta Gaming Authority. For UK players, the Wixstars Casino is managed by AG communications LTD who are licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Wixstars has a great choice of good quality games from a number of software providers that include Microgaming, Net Entertainment, NYX Interactive, NexGen Gaming, Amaya Gaming, Bally Technologies, Evolution Gaming, QuickSpin, Cadillac Jack, Aristocrat, Barcrest, and WMS Gaming. All the games at Wixstarts are instant play with no downloads required in order to play. The slots also include some classic slots as well as high-quality video slots with many paylines and exciting bonus rounds. Some of the popular titles are Red Riding Hood, Starburst, The Wish Master, Thunderstruck II, Merlin’s Millions, Gonzo’s Quest, Game of Thrones, and much more. 1 Golden Lion Casino The Golden Lion Casino is another one of the casino’s that were established in 2016. For many American gamblers, finding a reliable casino can be a bit of a challenge. It is a fact that many operators in the US do not provide real money play. The online casinos that offer real money play in America do not do much advertising, and this gives the impression that there may not be a lot of good options out there. Thankfully, things are changing, and new companies continue to open up to the market in the US. New online casinos continue to open every year, which shows the availability of demand for real online gaming for the American market. One good example is the Golden Lion Casino, which was launched by Blue Media. The casino offers a wide variety of promotions that are provided by a stable and reputable software package. The casino is a US-friendly option that is worth of consideration. The Golden Lion Casino is powered by the Rival Gaming software which is one of the most respected companies in the US online casino market. The company has made their name by providing intuitive and attractive software packages, as well as offering slot machines that are well above the standard slots found throughout the industry. The casino does provide the same type of games you can find anywhere on a slot machine: three reel and five reel game options which provide the classic slots action to fans who like the straightforward gameplay. They have however created a game series known as I-Slots. The games provide an interactive design feature that is more interesting than just spinning the reels again and again. In conclusion, it is safe to state that online casinos are becoming more and more popular in the US and the world as a whole. The ability for players to play games privately and from the comfort of their homes is one of the biggest advantages that has driven the growth in demand of online casinos. The other thing that attracts gamblers to the online casinos is the fact that most offer a mobile site that is accessible from most mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. The top five listed online casinos are just a few of the total that went live in 2016.


2020-05-11Microgaming’s Quickfire Platform rolls out gaming content with PokerStars, which is great news for Microgaming. PokerStars Casino is without a doubt one of the most successful online casinos in the modern world at present. In terms of sheer growth, it's actually hard to compete with a casino like this one. As such, the fact that this partnership agreement was so successful is good news for Microgaming.

The 3/2 Is All You Need

2020-05-11Due to all of the casino strategies out there, players may feel perplexed. Perhaps, they feel as though they do not know which one to pick. In fact, many players consider them to have a placebo effect on their bets. However, a few good betting strategies do exist. With no further ado, one of the most prominent betting strategies includes the 3/2 betting strategy. Moreover, numerous variations of roulette exist. These include the European and American versions, respectively. Depending on the variation, players have the option to choose between 37 or 38 pockets. This would explain why numerous players place their bets on as many numbers as they possibly can. Moreover, some players feel as though they would have a better chance if they cover each pocket of the wheel or bet an equal amount on Red or Black. However, nothing could remain further from the truth. Should a player choose to do so, they would lack the ability to win. Moreover, this remains why most players search for a betting system. They do so because they want to maximize their profit and decrease their risk altogether. Henceforth, many of them utilize the 3/2 roulette betting system. Due to its effectiveness, the 3/2 betting strategy helps players reach their betting goals. In fact, most players consider the strategy beneficial because it provides them with the opportunity to cover as many pockets of the wheel as they can without risking too much. This remains why players consider the 3/2 roulette betting system as relatively more flexible in comparison to other roulette systems. Also, the fact remains that it gives players the opportunity to keep their bet sizes consistent. Moreover, players have two options when it comes to playing the 3/2 betting system. The first method remains for the player to bet two units on the second column of numbers and also bet three units on the Red section. The second alternative remains to bet two units on the third column of numbers as well as three units on the Black section. Regardless of how players choose to play, they would have the opportunity to bet a 3:2 ratio on both a color and a column. Choosing between the two betting options remains the only requirement. However, players should decide how much money they would like to wager. The fact remains simple. The 3/2 betting system allows a customer the ability to cover most of the numbers on the roulette table. Moreover, this remains a great advantage when compared to other systems. In addition, the strategy vastly improves a player's chance of winning. The only premise of the 3/2 betting strategy remains to allow a player's wagers to fit as many pockets on the roulette wheel as they can. This remains the reason why the number of outcomes that could result in winning greatly increases. This means that players have better chances of winning against the roulette by fitting about 70% of the wheel.

Everything you need to know About the Betting Strategy 'Negative Progression'

2020-05-11Obtaining the best possible chance over beating the house can be simple yet risky. Betting systems have been put in place for decades, however common negative progression methods may just be the best way to increase your odds to win. All negative progression methods are strategies that are typically designed under all of the same guidelines. Simply put, all have the player increase their wagers after a hand is lost. Some negative progression methods such as 'Martingale', 'D'Alembert' and the 'Fibonacci' all have such similarities. However, choosing which one works best all depends on the player and their bank roll. For instance, the Martingale has the player not only increase but doubles their bets after every loss. This usually equates to players needing a pretty big sum of money in order to use this strategy appropriately. Unlike the Martingale, the Fibonacci uses a similar method but doesn't double the bet after the first loss. It actually has the player follow an interesting mathematical sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144). For example, if you bet $20 the first bet your following bets would look like this, (20$, $20, $40, $60, $100, $160) etc. All that is happening here is you're multiplying the first initial bet by each number in the sequence stated in order. Negative progression relies on the fact that after generating a loss, a win in theory should have a higher chance of happening. This progressive tendency makes the Martingale have an edge while on a losing streak. The higher a losing streak becomes allows the chances of a win soon to come. It is this 'factual assumption' that can make this way of betting dangerous. All-though math dictates after losing a hand should increase your chance to win the next is true, players assume this advantage and can turn a player bankrupt. Is gambling this way worth it in the long run some players may wonder? It just depends on how lucky you truly are. Of course, negative progression has some sort of fact bearing evidence behind it that points to being a relatively wise way to gamble. But players all around the world have seen detrimental losses gambling like this. Just because you flip a coin ten times doesn't make it impossible to land tails all ten times. If a player decides that this way of betting is how they want to play, finding what betting strategy best suites them is important. Gamblers should be aware of the possibility of landing a losing streak, and incorporate that into deciding if negative progression is really the right way to play.
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