Compulsive gambling: the danger of online slots



Online slots are fun, but then, they can turn out to be dangerous. That's why Slots Rank reiterates the importance of responsible gambling. This article shares one sad story of Michelle Singlehurst, a woman who ended up gambling all the money they sold their house for.

Compulsive gambling: the danger of online slots

Michelle worked as a financial adviser, raking in up to £25,000 annually. But the irony is that she ended up with a gambling addiction.

When she was young, Michelle loved games and even had a GameCube and Nintendo Wii. Whenever she was uneasy or overwhelmed, she resorted to playing games. This helped her cool down.

As they say, old habits die hard. Later on, Michelle discovered online gambling, and the games became her new way of escaping from reality. At the time she was discovering online casino games, she was under a lot of stress.

It didn't take long before Michelle got hooked to online gambling. Her preference was bingo and online slots which tagged along with lucrative bonuses. In the beginning, Michelle was winning, and this made her sink deeper into gambling. She was gambling all the time, whether at home or work. Gambling was like a sleeping pill to her.

Within no time, she had joined nine different casinos, and in most, she was given VIP status. With the VIP status came lucrative gifts and rewards, including free money bets, shopping vouchers, and more.

But then, she was losing it, unknowingly. She depleted all the money she had in her accounts. So, to satisfy her gambling urge, Michelle resorted to taking loans without the knowledge of her husband. She was also taking loans from friends and family. At the time, her close friends and family didn't know she was into gambling.

Michelle and her husband had a house in Ash Vale. For one reason or another, they decided to sell the property. Her husband, Chris, was a driver. Michelle being a financial adviser, Chris felt that Michelle was in a better position to manage all their finances.

The house got a buyer almost immediately. It was sold for £440,000. Over the next few months, Michelle gambled all the proceeds from the sale. She never informed her husband that the house had got a buyer.

Later on, Chris found out that the house had been sold, and Michelle didn't have any money. This caused the couple to separate, and reality started dawning on Michelle. She resorted to pills and alcohol, which sent her to hospital with severe hepatitis. But not even sickness could separate her from online slots - she kept on gambling.

Fortunately, Chris forgave her. Michelle then accepted that she had a gambling problem and sought help. Today, she doesn't gamble, but then she lost her job and house. After her calculations, Michelle says she lost more than £550,000 in just three years.

Indeed, online slots are fun, but they can be addictive. That is why players must always set a budget for playing at online casinos. Importantly, they should seek help immediately they find out they have problem gambling.

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