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Basics Of European Online Gaming Licenses



If you’re interested in online gambling casino in Europe, there are strict rules and even guidelines for restricted access. Although anyone can start an online business; there are responsibilities and standards that must be first be addressed and adhered to before a license is obtained. These standards are set forth by the European Committee of Standardization. It may sound scary and a bit gruff, but the purpose isn’t punishment. It’s to establish the same rules for all online gaming operations, for consumer protection. First off, Europe is comprised of 27 individual countries. At least some of these countries have instituted their own laws and governing legislation for the online gambling industry. Officially, Europe is known as the European Union (EU). The countries fall under the jurisdiction of the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA). In a nutshell, business owners are required to obtain a license in order to operate a legal online gaming casino. The responsibilities of the EGBA are to ensure compliance to keep the industry free from unsafe gambling practices, criminal behavior and fraudulent activities. The main agencies that issues licenses for online gambling in Europe are the Isle of Man, Alderney, Gibraltar, and Malta. These agencies are responsible for fair practices as set forth in written policies, known as “Responsible Remote Gambling Measures.” Even if an agency issues licenses, it must first receive an approval rating to operate. This is referred to as being, “white listed.” So, in accordance with opening an online casino, it’s preferable to only apply for one with a white listed agency. Each agency has its own jurisdiction. For example, Alderney issues licenses for the entire British Isles. These are also called the Channel Islands and the licenses are issued independent of the UK. However, online gambling casino services are available for all residents of the UK. A lot of European online gaming casino operators prefer to use Gibraltar. Gibraltar is the world’s largest and most well known licensing agency. It’s also like Alderney and is independent of the UK’s jurisdiction. This is just a fancy way of saying that the licensing agencies have their own self-regulating committees. There's a main governing body, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, which is responsible for white listing the licensing agencies. So when it comes to licensing demands for operating an online gambling casino in Europe, the owners must first find out the compliance rules and the issuing agency. Then check to see if separate jurisdiction has also been granted to the individual country. It does sound complicated, well it is to a certain degree. That degree depends on the knowledge of the entity wishing to start an online gaming website. Why? Because there are seven different types of licenses available including a remote gambling license and a gaming machine license. In order to comply, the owner has to know what to apply for and the requirements that must be fulfilled. In other words, each agency has their own licensing rules, which adhere to a much larger framework. There’s no way around licensing, it simply isn’t wise to side-step the process and run an online gaming casino without one. The legal ramifications could be severe, with possible imprisonment or a steep fine for unethical practices. Even after a license is issued, online gaming casinos are monitored for compliance. Failure to comply could result in revocation or suspension of the gaming license. It isn’t safe to gamble on a site without a license. Because this means a lack of any consumer protection. So, if you’re ripped off or suspect fraudulent gaming practices; as a player you wouldn't have any legal recourse. Licensing means fair gambling practices and the site follows regulations set forth by the issuing authority. A license means that the online gambling site will treat all players/customers fairly and won't try to purposefully defraud. With that being said, before you join a new online casino, always check the licensing first, before you make an initial deposit. If you find a site without a license, they are willfully running an illegal operation. In most cases there are smaller jurisdictions and then a larger international governing body.

Basics Of European Online Gaming Licenses

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