Game of Thrones Slot Review

Game of Thrones
Bonus rounds9.0
Fun factor10.0
Total score7.8


Game of Thrones is a name that everyone will recognize these days, the TV series called this way being one of the most popular of all times. The story revolves around the families that control two fictional continents, called Essos and Westeros. It’s a fantasy series, with a medieval setting and with dragons and other creatures appearing in it. Game of Thrones, the slot machine with 243 ways to win, was created by Microgaming. The game is offered with 5 reels and a rather boring design unfortunately. You get your chance at a jackpot of up to $6,000, plus there are wild symbols, scatter symbols and four different types of free spins with multipliers and stacked symbols.

Betting requirements

The 243 lines, or ways to win as they’re usually called, are going to be active all the time. You rarely get the option in slot machines to have fewer ways to win active than the maximum possible. For a game with 5x3 reels, it’s 243 ways to win. The bets still use regular lines though, 30 of them in this particular game. You are using between 30 and 300 coins in the total bet, with the value reaching a maximum of $30. The coins are valued between $0.01 and $0.10. You have a top line bet of $1.

Theme & Design

As mentioned before, the theme selected for Game of Thrones, the game, is the TV series with the same name. The series is based on the books written by George R. R. Martin, it is famous for its violence and nudity, but also for how easy some of its main characters are killed off. Microgaming did acquire the license to create a slot machine based on this series, but they did not get the rights to the images of the actors. The result is a slot machine that’s filled with house heraldry and logos. To be honest, I would’ve found it a lot more interesting if they at least created comic book style drawings that resembled the actors. As it stands, there isn’t that much that will connect the slot with the TV series. The symbols of the slot get you started with the Iron Throne, the coolest one to be used in this case, and then the list continues with the logo of the game and the four heraldry images that represent houses Baratheon, Targaryen, Stark and Lannister. Four Royals made out of metal are at the end of the list. Considering the amount of attention that a slot machine with this name is going to attract, I think that Microgaming dropped the ball in this case. Even without photos of those actors, they could’ve done so much more with the graphics, to make it a cool title. They ended up with a grim looking slot machine that relies on logos and poker cards. The Iron Throne is the only cool symbol they used.

Special Features

If the graphics will probably disappoint players that try the game out, the features are another matter. I will start with the stacked wild symbol, which will have the Game of Thrones logo. You get stacked wilds on both the paid and the free spins and on all the reels. These will bring you a lot of chances to get wins, especially since you get them on reels which form their combos through ways to win. The wins are multiplied if you have two or more wilds taking part from the same reel. You will also get these stacked wilds to form combinations themselves, offering some of the best rewards possible in the game. Obviously, since they’re stacked they pay multiple times. The game’s most impressive symbol, the Iron Throne, is the scatter symbol that you get your free spins from, but also the best payouts available, of up to 200x total bet. The payouts might depend on the number of scatter symbols to determine how much you can win, but the free spins offer the same thing, as long as you get the minimum of three on the reels. There will be a new screen next, on which you will be able to choose one of the four types of free spins. Each house has its own version of the feature, with its own multiplier and its own stack of symbols. Baratheon has the fewer free spins, only 8, but the largest multiplier, at 5x. Its stack of Baratheon Logos will be three symbols high. From the Lannisters, the multipliers will be at 4x, while the free rounds will be at 10 and their logo will be stacked four symbols high. Five Stark symbols are in the stacked symbol associated with them, and you get 14 free spins and 3x multipliers as well. Finally, the Targaryens give you 18 free spins, a multiplier at 2x and a stack of symbols with six logos on top of each other.


As you play the base game, the highest reward can come via the scatter symbol, which will pay up to $6,000. The free spins might have up to 5x multipliers, but even then the regular combinations can’t get to the first spot with their wins. The average RTP is in line with a lot of other slot machines, at 95%, and I’d call it average for the most part in this area. You will find a lot of other games which do better here.


All things considered, I would only recommend playing this game if you’re a big fan, and you want to check it out. Its RTP and its graphics don’t make it a must play game even for the fans though.

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