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Online Gambling in US Features Free Slots, Other Perks and Proven Best Winning Results

At a time when free slots and other online gambling in the US is trending, it ‘s nice to know that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) is helping to keep America’s online casino industry safe and secure. In fact, there has never been a better time to enjoy free spins and no deposit bonus action at UIGEA approved casino websites based in the United States. A review of fully legal and safe online casino web pages headquartered in the US is featured online under the UIGEA’s approved online casinos.

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Free slots, free spins featured online

There is a lot of great “free” online casino action featured online with great perks such as no deposit bonus and huge jackpots.

The best online casinos in America today feature:

– A mix of entirely legal and secure online payment options for US players.

– Proven safe and trusted casino platforms.

– Great games accessed easily with one’s mobile device so players can enjoy gaming anytime in the comfort of their homes or when they are out and about with family and friends.

– All sorts of great player perks and bonuses for US players.

In general, there has never been a better time for online casino action based in the United States.

Rules for online casino gaming in America

According to the UIGEA website, there are certain guidelines for online gaming fans. For instance, players “cannot be prosecuted” when enjoying online casino sites because there is no federal law being broken. Furthermore, it is legal to place best at various online casino gaming web pages. However, the UIGEA does restrict select “avenues through which players can play online.” The best advice is to check the UIGEA or one’s local state rules and regulations about online casino websites operating in the US.

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Casino game platforms

There is hard data from the UIGEA that states how online gaming in the US rests “within a legal framework” to provide monetary benefits and casino action that is entirely legal; while more than 60% of American’s “regularly play casino video games.” The fact that casino gaming fans are now enjoying all types of casino action online means they are either using their PC to play at home or a mobile device to play when away from their usual computer station. IIGEA also reports how America’s online gaming industry as a whole is growing by leaps and bounds as more and more traditional brick and mortar casino fans start playing online.

Virtual online gaming fun

It has become the largest casino chain in the US, but it’s all online. The fact that most American casino gaming fans now play on entirely legal websites is trending. It is also big business, say regular online slot fans who say they enjoy “virtual action” because it pays off with huge jackpots and lots of perks. For instance, most online casino web pages in the US feature free spins, free slots and other “free” perks for playing as valued customers. In fact, there is a lot of emphasis on customer service online because owners want their virtual customers to come back and play again and again.

Massive online moneymaking enterprise

The fact that online casino gambling in the US is a “great moneymaking business” is no secret in 2016 with the online gaming industry reporting record numbers of players. This focus on bringing traditional brick and mortar casino action to one’s mobile device or personal computer is why there are so many entrepreneurial casino enterprises operating in the US today.

In fact, online casino gaming has become “a real growth industry,” states local state government officials in New York where online gaming action is viewed as a billionaire dollar a year industry. The New York State Gaming officials explain how there are clusters of online casinos now operating legally in most every state in America today. There is also substantial local business clout occurring at the local state level to give each and every state access to this vital casino gaming industry that returns a percentage of profits to state coffers to help fund local schools and building projects.

Casinos coming to most websites

There was a time when a traditional brick and mortar casino was the only way and means for Americans to enjoy safe, secure and legal gaming action. However, that view has changed in recent years with a real rise in the number of US online casino websites, explains a US chamber of commerce official. The view is to “now have an online casino business connection” in most American cities, said the chamber of commerce official when sharing on a local social networking site. She also explained how there were debates over legal online gambling in America but that is now moot because “there are so many foreign casino gaming web pages” that the US is now ready to compete. This competition means helping to win hearts and minds to the simple fact that playing online is best in America with US-based casino web pages.

Online gaming hits America

The good news is online casino gambling now exists in 36 states, while many other states are considered it as a real income option come 2017. The US casino market is based on slots, but there are many other online games that are also popular with American gamers wanting to only make bets on entirely legal and safe US casino websites. This increased traffic means more associated income is flowing into states where online casino web pages are legal.

The casino gaming funds provide various states billions in income; while required monthly payments are sent to state agencies from the US casino website owners. This partnership means that a US online gamer knows that money spent online for fun will go back to their state or local government rather than a foreign government. “I like playing online at virtual casino websites based in the US because I want to keep my money here in America where it can help the community,” said a regular website gamer sharing views online.

Slot machine action is legal

There was a time when only select cities allowed “legal” casino gambling. The act of playing a slot machine was left to those visits Las Vegas, Atlantic City or various Native American-run casinos in the US. That situation has changed in recent years with a rise in online casino sites based in America for American players. This is great news for the overall gaming industry because there is “real growth” occurring nationwide now “high rollers” can now enjoy gaming “right in their own backyard,” said a regular player online. He used to enjoy an online casino web page based in England, but now says “it’s best to keep my bets at home because we in America need casino winners too.”

Global Gaming Expo findings

According to the recent annual Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, there is a real rise in the number of new US based casino websites. The increase is linked to a keen interest on the part of casino players who prefer the convenience of playing at home or out and about with family and friends. The state casino gaming industry is also bullish on keeping this new business on the up and up by reminding players that online casinos based in America are safe and fully legal. They also point to customer service for these virtual web pages as second to none, and completely focused on the customer’s enjoyment with a positive gaming experience.

Millions of Americans playing online

At a time when millions of Americans are enjoying US-based casino gaming on their mobile devices or computer “screens” at home, it is good to know that younger players are also logging on for such things as online poker and all sorts of online sports betting. Meanwhile, this is a huge change from the usual brick-and-mortar casinos that once proliferated in most American cities. Now, the new online casino trend means more of a focus on legalization of all virtual betting in America. In turn, this view and trend is driving new online casino sites in the States, say regular gamers who track what’s new online in terms of gambling. While “the market will decide” is a commonly held view about the success or non-success of a business venture, it is clear that online casino gaming is “hot” in America right now.

Online casino revenue up

The great thing about playing slots on a US based casino website is stateside casino revenue is growing and so are the many perks and massive jackpots being awarded to players. While there were once set gambling meccas in America, it is now found online, say slot fans who say US based casino sites feature the “very best slot machine action.” This action translates to lots and lots of hits at various online gaming sites where all types of casino slot machines are featured. While the market for online gaming in the States is expanding, so is the interest in all sorts of specialized casino games that gamblers enjoy. For example, there are many seniors who now play online slots because they say “it’s handy, hassle-free and far easier than driving to a casino.”

Casino gambling action

There is a view that no business in America today is as profitable as casinos and online gambling sites. There are views about selling goods and services, but nothing seems to generate as much sales volume as lots and lots of gamblers enjoying online casino gaming action. This is the view of local chambers of commerce in the US that has seen this local rise in US based online casino websites. Meanwhile, there are all sorts of business minded people investing in these sites because online casinos are reaping lots and lots of profits.

Gaming action outside of a casino

There are no worries about casino security online because US based sites are mandated to offer safe, secure and legal gambling action; while being accountable to local, state and federal government agencies. This legal gambling knowledge, that gaming in America is safe and legal offers player’s real peace of mind, offers players the assurance that they “won’t get ripped off when moving funds for play,” explained a longtime gambler online. The online casino fan also noted how “all the high slot action that I enjoyed in traditional casinos is featured online, so I don’t miss out on anything.” This view that online casinos are now par with the old-school variety is why virtual casinos are trending with players from all walks of life and ages. In fact, there is a steady rise in Baby Boomers now playing slots online because they say they are “just too busy” to drive to their local casino.

Casinos go online for new customers

It is no secret that virtual casinos and even Internet casinos are now trending in America because such gaming is entirely legal and viewed as safe and secure. The online casino action is considered as having “much better odds of winning” because you are going online instead of enjoying a building with lots of employees and overhead. This view that a traditional casino cannot offer as many perks and huge jackpots is not lost on regular gamblers who also consider the odds online at US-based casino web pages as “much better than anywhere else.”

There are many high payout percentages for online casino slot games that are viewed as “superior to everyday casinos” because of lower owner overhead and expenses. At the same time, the online computer casino software is very high-tech so that players will not miss out on a prize, a big jackpot or special perks because the computer is running the show with little human error, say experts.

Overall, there has never been a better time to enjoy US based online casino action because it is fully legal and safe, say regular gamblers.