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Best 3D slots ranked by players

What are 3D Slots?

3D slots are basically video slots where the designers use special graphics to make the game look like in 3D. But don’t worry, you won’t need to wear any special 3D glasses when playing these games. The first of the providers to use this technology for their slots was Betsoft Gaming. Their entire games portfolio is pretty much 3D slots. When they first came out they simply amazed the gambling community. Their slots were a novelty and a big hit and they were the main reason why Betsoft managed to build a name for themselves.

So what makes 3D

slots so exciting to play?

Like we mentioned earlier it’s all about the graphics. The designers managed to create visually stunning games by using modern animations and by designing the game symbols in 3D. Most of these slots feature one or more animations during base play and even more for the bonus rounds. Some 3D slots adopted a story design, so as you play the game you unlock different parts of the story. Of course this is visually well presented so the game is fun to play and you can easily spend hours spinning the reels.

But some designers took the 3D slots concept one step further. They designed slots for which you do need 3D glasses in order to play the game. If you played it without the glasses the game would look fuzzy and blur. But once you put on the glasses you could experience the full 3D pleasure. Needless to say that these games didn’t become a big hit as expected and most players stuck to the original 3D slots. After Betsoft NetEnt adopted the 3D design for some of their slots and managed to take them to the next level. The leading slot with this innovative design by NetEnt was Gonzo’s Quest.


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