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Jurassic World, the slot machine, was designed based on the similarly named film obviously. It came out in 2015, and now, two years later, we’re getting the game as well. Microgaming also created the Jurassic Park slot machine before, so this is becoming a bit of a series for them. In the case of Jurassic World, the decision was made to turn it into a game with 5 reels & 243 ways to win. It’s what a lot of games tend to offer these days, so the attraction is more from the theme of the slot, and from things like wilds that come in stacked, scatter symbols that can be transformed into extra wilds and which can also get you three different types of free spins. Certain features can even get you payouts of up to $7,200, which is a lot for a game with such low wagers as this one has.

Jurassic World

Betting requirements

The wagers appear to be quite low, and high rollers might be disappointed here. You can have a bet of up to $7.20 per spin, which would mean that each of the 30 virtual win lines get at most $0.24 each. The minimum bet can be set to $0.30, so the line gets $0.01 in that case.

Theme & Design

For the theme of Jurassic World, Microgaming had a recently released film to work with, so it wasn’t as difficult for them to make the slot machine look good, as it probably was with the previous slot, with Jurassic Park. As a branded title, the game features images of many of the major actors from the film among its symbols, four of them to be specific. The rest of the symbols are related to the theme thankfully, so there are no Royals or gemstones here. You get six different dinosaurs for the lower tier symbols, the ones that are expected to appear on the reels most, and so the atmosphere is appropriate for the theme. I’ve enjoyed the graphics of Jurassic World, and that had mostly to do with the lower tier symbols than with the photos of the actors from the film. Look beyond the reels, and you will find a water tank at the bottom, while at the top you see the human made infrastructure of the park.

Special Features

As is typical of most slots, Jurassic World has two major symbols that players can use to get access to various other bonuses and features. These two symbols are the wild (Dinosaur’s profile) and scatter (mosquito held in amber). The Dinosaur Wild is a symbol that you will get stacked, but which doesn’t have a fixed size by the looks of it. These stacked symbols can have up to 10 wilds in them, so you will often get full reels occupied by them. Wild symbols have the ability to substitute for other symbols, same as in any other slot, plus they can also form combinations on their own, though they pay at most 250x. You shouldn’t expect for wilds to be able to substitute for scatters, at least not in this game. For the other symbol, the scatter, they used the image of the mosquito trapped in amber, the insect that had inside blood from a dinosaur and which was used to recreate the creatures in the original Jurassic Park. Scatter symbols are counted by the game, and if you get two of them in view, then they will be turned into wilds, so that they can still be useful to you. To get free spins or cash rewards, the requirement is to have at least three in view. The first fifteen times that you get the free spins, you will be offered one of the three features at random. After that, you can select the one you prefer. Gyrosphere Valley is one of the options, with 10 free spins and a multiplier trail that goes up after each spin without a win in it. Creation Lab is another, also with 10 free spins and with Rolling Reels and Cryo Wilds (sticky for three rounds). Finally, there is Raptor Den, whose 10 free spins come with scatters that behave as wilds and which are sticky until they trigger additional free games. A random extra feature is the one they call Indominus, where a dinosaur appears on the screen, to give you a win of up to 1,000x total bet.

Jurassic World


At random, the game can pay up to $7,200, with help from the Indominus feature. With scatter symbols in place, the rewards go up to $720 at most, which is 100 times what you spent that spin. The RTP of this game goes up to 97%, which is an impressive number for any slot machine and especially for one that is branded.


Microgaming is clearly determined to make Jurassic World a success, as you can see from the features, graphics and especially from the high average RTP that they gave the slot.

Jurassic World

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