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What we love about gambling!



Gambling is great entertainment. It not only can lead to tremendous winnings of cash and prizes, but it stimulates one's mind, and it is also a fun way to get out and do something. For those who are stuck indoors - either at home or the office - there are even more opportunities to play by going online. What some do not realize is that they can do so without having to put down a bet. There are games available to simply play for fun. Knowing this some players would ask, what's the fun in just playing for fun? And that is going to be addressed here. Playing for Fun Is Good for the Mind It has been proven in multiple studies that playing games in general is good for memory. Games that involve cards are particularly good because they involve calculations, strategy, and being with other people. This is why so many smart phone users have free apps for Blackjack, Hearts, Spades, and more. While there might not be any money to be made in the game there is plenty to be made (and kept) by keeping sharp. In fact this health article cites numerous studies showing that poker and blackjack have a positive affect on the brain because of the requirement to concentrate and consider what is happening. For example, if a player is dealt a 16 and the dealer is showing a 5, then he knows from experience and the guidance of others that he should stay so that the dealer busts when he takes the next card or two, depending on what's underneath. If, in poker, a player is holding two 2s, and the cards facing up have the other 2s in the deck, then he knows the odds of being beaten are slim-to-none unless there are wild cards involved. With so many factors, playing for free may just be the best way to learn. Learning How to Play New Games There are so many casino games one can play. Recently, a visitor of the site had asked about a very fun game called "Let It Ride," which is based on poker, except instead of playing against a dealer or other players, all players are individually going against a set of odds. This means that everyone can win, but are the odds ones that can be beat? For those who are unsure, they can look up the chances of getting a pair of face cards, which "Let It Ride" pays out at 2:1, meaning that a $5.00 bet will win $10. The odds of getting a paying pair are low - about 8% - but this game has a variation to it where players can hedge their losses and multiply their gains. Sound confusing? It's not once the game is played a few times, and that is the point of playing just for fun. After all, losing money isn't very fun, and losing money with no idea of how it happened is much less so. After learning about the games it will be time to implement systems. Players Can Work Systems & Strategies There's a saying in the stock market: The market can behave irrationally longer than you can afford it! This means that there is no fool-proof system, so even if a player is completely correct about a win coming, he could run out of money before the big win strikes. This also occurs when companies drill for oil, pan for gold, and do any number of other things. Knowing this it is good to save experimenting with a system for free play initially. For example, let's say a player wants to make blackjack bets that double whenever he loses, meaning that the next win will be even bigger. His rationale is that he does not even have to play well. At some point the win will come. So he brings $300 to the table and places a $25 bet, but loses. His next bet is $50, but loses. When he loses the next bet of $100 he will be down by $175, meaning that even if he wins by going all in he will still be down $50. What's worse is that this player only assumed the general odds of winning, and not the odds of losing due to luck, or poor performance. Playing for fun actually is fun because the later wins that come with skilled play is where the fun is at! Take this strategy for example: That same player who lost at Blackjack tried again, but goes to a Roulette table where the ball spins on a wheel and lands in a spot with a number and color. He takes his $300, places a bet on EVEN numbers, but instead of betting $25, he bets $5. Why does the amount make a difference? Because the proportion of $25 to $300 is too great. The system only works if EVEN numbers come up half the time, and they do not always. As a result, at $25 a bet, the progressive system will not work when the starting capital is just $300. But with $5 to start, this player can will place the following progressive bets of $5, $10, $20, $40, and $80 before things start to get hairy. The odds of a Roulette ball hitting ODD numbers 3 times in a row are fairly common, but 5? That is much more rare, and you can see it by playing for free and counting up the amount of times the ball lands on odd and even numbers after 100 spins. It's Fun for Those Tight Times of the Month Lastly, it should be noted that casino games are fun, and when someone cannot afford to spend $15 on a movie ticket they can afford to play cards for free. As already mentioned people like playing these games, and do so for free everyday. Not only do they sharpen the mind, but they help pass the time. For commuters who take mass transit the ride goes more quickly; for hardworking students and professionals they are a fine way to unwind between heavy tasks and work/study sessions. It really cannot be stressed enough that playing casino games online for free is a lot of fun, which is why so many people are enjoying the games right now. HappyGambling

What we love about gambling!

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