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Microgaming’s Quickfire Platform rolls out gaming content with PokerStars, which is great news for Microgaming. PokerStars Casino is without a doubt one of the most successful online casinos in the modern world at present. In terms of sheer growth, it's actually hard to compete with a casino like this one. As such, the fact that this partnership agreement was so successful is good news for Microgaming.


There are more than 108 million registered members with PokerStars at present. That really is a lot of potential customers, and people would be shocked at the fact that it can be so easy to get a larger consumer base. The fact that Microgaming already supports more than 600 gaming websites at present should really demonstrate the scope of the company.

The online casino gaming industry is somewhat hierarchical at present. This is the case for most industries. However, in an industry that is so focused on providing entertainment that is itself highly linked to money, this effect is even more pronounced. It's a competitive world. There are lots of different online casino gaming software companies out there. Many of them have tried to rival Microgaming at different points. Only a small number of them have even come close. Microgaming has been the leader for more than twenty years by this point. The fact that PokerStars wanted to be able to establish a deal like this in the first place is more evidence that Microgaming has a sustained high standing in the world of online casino gaming.

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