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Everything You Need to Know about The Ace/Five Count Betting System for Blackjack



The Ace/Five Count betting system, pertaining to Blackjack, is probably the simplest of all card counting strategies, more so that the popular Red Seven Count betting system. The Ace/Five Count betting system is one you can learn in seconds and master after a few runs of the deck. Aspiring online Blackjack players will practice this counting system in real-time using the free-money mode available at all online casinos. The Ace/Five Count is a very effective card counting strategy for beginner card counters, even those with basic Blackjack skills will eventually start accumulating chips using this betting system. With professional card counting systems, every card has a unique value, with the Ace/Five Count betting system, you are adjusting the count only when the ace or the five appears. It really can not get any easier than that, and if you master this system, then you already have a solid foundation for trying more complex systems like the Red Seven or the Omega 11 Count. To get a better understanding of how the Ace/Five Count plays out in real-time, we first need to take care of one part of your game first. It is very important before you begin playing, establish exactly what your maximum and your minimum bets are going to be. For sake of this tutorial, the maximum bet will be either 8, 16, 32, or 64 times the minimum bet. Use any power of 2, and choose the spread that is easier for you to remember and still within your comfort zone as far as bankroll. Remember, you are not going to have to move the running count for each card because only the aces and fives have any numerical values. Regardless if this is a shoe with two decks, four decks, or eight decks, the count always starts at zero once the cards are shuffled. During the hands, pay close attention for when a five lands on the board. Add one to your running count for each five that you see. The same will be for the aces, except in this case you are going to subtract one from the running count for each ace you see. Now here is where practice and patience will come into play. It is not enough to just keep a running total, that number will trigger how much you are going to bet on hands throughout the count. So what you need to remember is as that count begins to grow, which means more favorable cards are in the deck, you raise your bet. According to the Ace/Five Count betting system, if the count is equal to or greater than two, double your bet until you hit your maximum. When the count is one or less, you have to drop all the way back down to your minimum bet. As you approach the end of the deck and your running count is climbing, so should your bet amount as the shoe is stuffed with an abundance of favorable cards.

Everything You Need to Know about The Ace/Five Count Betting System for Blackjack


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