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What do you do and who do you contact if you have payment issues with an online casino?



The first thing that you must remember if you have a payment problem at an online casino is not to panic. Stay calm and don't automatically think that the worst is happening. The issue could be technical or clerical, and such things do happen from time to time. The first thing you need to do is understand whether you have waited the appropriate amount of time before voicing your concern. Most online gambling sites tell you the number of business days that your withdrawal or payment should take. They usually keep this information in their FAQ section so that you know what to expect. Do not take any steps to resolve a payment problem if you have not waited the recommended amount of time first. For example, don't do anything until the sixth day if the normal waiting period for withdrawal processing is two to five business days. Payments that you put into your account could experience a delay, as well. Again, you should make sure that you are outside of the normal time span for payment processing. Otherwise, you may be jumping the gun when it isn't necessary. Customer service is always the first place you should go if you have a problem with a payment that you were supposed to receive from an online casino. The website will most likely post the number that you can call if you need to voice a question or a concern. Just write to the email address or call the number and notify the person of the issue. The customer service department should be able to resolve the situation for you. They should have a process by which they can track your transaction. They should be able to tell you when they sent your payment and when you can expect to receive your payment. After you speak to the people at customer service, you can contact your bank or cardholder to find out if a new transaction is pending. For example, your bank may be able to see some funds that are getting ready to come through for you. They can set your mind at ease about the transaction. If customer service fails to resolve your situation, you can take your complaint to the next level and try to contact the administrators or supervisors. If that doesn't work, you may have to resort to contacting an attorney. Furthermore, you could write a negative review or report the casino to the newspapers. You can use the same solutions for a casino's failure to pay a jackpot. The key is to research the casino before you get involved with it. Some casinos have a negative history because they do not pay their patrons. Make sure that it doesn't have a long history of nonpayment before you start gambling there. Check to see that a reputable authority monitors its activities. A governing authority may be able to step in even if someone else cannot. If you do all of those things, you have a good chance of receiving all of your payments and collecting your winnings.

What do you do and who do you contact if you have payment issues with an online casino?

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