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Best iPad slots ranked by players

Mobile phones brought a lot of changes to the world and the online gambling industry at the same time. Today we pretty much organize our lives on our mobile phones and we simply can’t do without them. But another innovation, which was underrated at the time, took the gambling world like a storm. That was the rise of tablets and primarily iPads. That’s right, iPads pretty much replaced the modern laptop. They are lighter, take up less space and still give us all of the features a modern laptop can. You can easily set up a mouse and a keyboard and enjoy in all the features a tablet can provide. What’s interesting to note is that the popularity of iPads made casinos turn their attention to iPad slots. A lot of players prefer to play on an iPad rather than an iPhone and that trend was noticed by online casinos.

iPad slots explained

iPad slots are simply games which are optimized to run on an iPad. We can only think of the headaches iPads gave to designers, which were just getting used to iPhones. But realistically iPads are better for playing slots, simply because of the bigger screen. The player has better view of the game and can enjoy in the stunning graphics many online slots have to offer. Plus, a big win looks much better on a big screen, rather than on an iPhone.

Difference between playing on iPad and iPhone

The biggest difference between playing slots on an iPad and on an iPhone is the size of the screen. Playing on an iPhone is great, but many players prefer the bigger screen on the iPads. With the touchscreen you can sit comfortably in your chair and play very long gaming sessions. There’s no need to mention the advantages the display itself has to offer. The slots look lively when playing on an iPad and you can truly enjoy in the hard work the designers put in to create an eye candy slot.

Play iPad slots for free

In order to see what iPad slots are all about it’s a good idea to give them a try for free first, before you make a real money deposit. As you may already know slots are games of chance, so it all comes down to luck whether you will win or lose. But in addition to luck you need to know what the game has to offer, the payouts it can produce and the features which are installed. By testing the iPad slots in fun play first you can create an entire strategy and put it to the test in real play. A lot of players spend hours and hours playing slots for free in order to see which of them offer the best payouts. In the end fun play is the same as playing for real money, with the only difference that you are playing with fake money. So before you risk any money of your own try the iPad slots for free. You can do this right here on our site or you can visit some of our recommended iPad casinos and create an account. There you can play for free simply by choosing fun play or demo play on the iPad slot you like.

Play iPad slots for real money

Once you’re confident enough to play for real money it’s time to choose a casino to play at. We strongly recommend that you choose some of the casinos we have in stock right here on our website. The reason for this is simple. Even though the industry is highly regulated there are still some dishonest operators where you can encounter a number of problems. This is why we have an entire team of casino experts who test online casinos in real play. Their job is to make sure that everything that is promoted on the casino website matches the results from real play. A casino can easily state one thing on their site, but in real play the situation can be very different. So, in order to have the best experience when playing iPad slots, play only at reputable operators from our casinos list.

Are iPad slots worth playing?

Yes, of course! iPad slots have a lot to offer and it would be foolish not to reap the benefits. You can easily create an account at any of our recommended iPad casinos and instantly gain access to their entire iPad slots collection. You can also claim a generous bonus promotion and significantly increase your starting balance. This way you can play the iPad slots with higher bets and get bigger payouts in return. You know what they say about gambling “You have to bet big in order to win big.” This is especially true for iPad slots and what better way to do this, than with some free money.

Best iPad slots ranked by players


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