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Best Devices slots ranked by players



Mobile casino play is growing each day across the world. More and more players are moving away from their desktop computers and laptops and turning to their mobile phones for playing at online casinos. With Android being the more popular platform online casinos are focusing on Android slots. Today you can play Android slots at pretty much every online casino. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing from your mobile browser or from a mobile casino app. You will be able to enjoy in everything the casino offers, at the swipe of a finger.

Play Android slots for free

A great thing about mobile casinos is that you can play Android slots for free. Every casino offers you the chance to create an account and try the games in fun play, without making a real money deposit. This way you can see what the game is about and put it to the test, just like you would in real play. You can also play Android slots for free right here from our website as well. We have a massive collection of Android slots for you to try. If you want to try more titles all you need to do is visit some of our recommended Android casinos. Once you create an account from our link you can play all of the casino games in free play.

Play Android slots for real money

Playing Android slots for real money is pretty much the same like playing them in fun play. The only difference is that now you are playing with real money, so you need to pay more attention to what is happening on the screen. This is why we recommend playing the games in fun play first. You can easily see whether you will like the payouts the game has to offer or not. Testing the games in real play can sometimes be devastating to your bankroll, so only play once you’re confident enough. Once you decide you’re ready to play for real money we strongly recommend that you try some of our reputable casinos.

How we rate the best Android Casinos

In order for us to recommend a site as one of the best Android casinos the operator has to meet a number of criteria. The most notable ones being:

  1. Stable Android platform

Having a stable platform which supports all Android devices is a must across all mobile friendly casinos. Many operators go the extra mile by investing resources and time to make their mobile platform the best it can be, to suit the needs of mobile players. At most of the reputable mobile casinos you will also be able to download a casino app from Play Store. This way you can always take the casino with you on the go and access the casino games from every location.

  1. Good offer of Android slots

It’s imperative that the casino in question has a good offer of Android slots. The more games, the better for you. You can spread your bankroll across a number of slots and increase your chances of winning.

  1. Fast payouts

Fast payouts are pretty much a standard in todays’ industry. Long gone are the days when players would have to wait for weeks in order to get their hard earned winnings. Today most of our recommended casinos offer players fast withdrawals, which in some cases are processed in minutes.

  1. Good bonus promotions

When playing Android slots for real money players want to have access to generous bonus promotions. This way they can make several deposits and claim several bonuses, thus increasing their starting balance. With a bigger balance you can place bigger bets and get bigger payouts in return.

  1. Solid operating license

Every casino on our site is a reputable one, which is confirmed by their operating license. If you come across a casino with no seal of approval by a regulatory body, the chances are that it’s a rogue casino.

Android Apps

Like we mentioned earlier most reputable online casinos which are focused on mobile play and offer Android slots also have Android apps available. In order to download the app, all you need to do is visit Play Store and search for the casino. Once the app is downloaded on your Android device you can log into your player account at the swipe of a finger and play any of the Android slots they have on offer. We can see a steady rise in the number of operators on the market which offer Android apps. This is so because of the growing number of mobile players across online casinos. In return more casinos want to accommodate their needs and make their stay at the casino as pleasant as possible. This trend is destined to continue and soon pretty much every mobile casino should have a mobile casino app.



Mobile phones brought a lot of changes to the world and the online gambling industry at the same time. Today we pretty much organize our lives on our mobile phones and we simply can’t do without them. But another innovation, which was underrated at the time, took the gambling world like a storm. That was the rise of tablets and primarily iPads. That’s right, iPads pretty much replaced the modern laptop. They are lighter, take up less space and still give us all of the features a modern laptop can. You can easily set up a mouse and a keyboard and enjoy in all the features a tablet can provide. What’s interesting to note is that the popularity of iPads made casinos turn their attention to iPad slots. A lot of players prefer to play on an iPad rather than an iPhone and that trend was noticed by online casinos.

iPad slots explained

iPad slots are simply games which are optimized to run on an iPad. We can only think of the headaches iPads gave to designers, which were just getting used to iPhones. But realistically iPads are better for playing slots, simply because of the bigger screen. The player has better view of the game and can enjoy in the stunning graphics many online slots have to offer. Plus, a big win looks much better on a big screen, rather than on an iPhone.

Difference between playing on iPad and iPhone

The biggest difference between playing slots on an iPad and on an iPhone is the size of the screen. Playing on an iPhone is great, but many players prefer the bigger screen on the iPads. With the touchscreen you can sit comfortably in your chair and play very long gaming sessions. There’s no need to mention the advantages the display itself has to offer. The slots look lively when playing on an iPad and you can truly enjoy in the hard work the designers put in to create an eye candy slot.

Play iPad slots for free

In order to see what iPad slots are all about it’s a good idea to give them a try for free first, before you make a real money deposit. As you may already know slots are games of chance, so it all comes down to luck whether you will win or lose. But in addition to luck you need to know what the game has to offer, the payouts it can produce and the features which are installed. By testing the iPad slots in fun play first you can create an entire strategy and put it to the test in real play. A lot of players spend hours and hours playing slots for free in order to see which of them offer the best payouts. In the end fun play is the same as playing for real money, with the only difference that you are playing with fake money. So before you risk any money of your own try the iPad slots for free. You can do this right here on our site or you can visit some of our recommended iPad casinos and create an account. There you can play for free simply by choosing fun play or demo play on the iPad slot you like.

Play iPad slots for real money

Once you’re confident enough to play for real money it’s time to choose a casino to play at. We strongly recommend that you choose some of the casinos we have in stock right here on our website. The reason for this is simple. Even though the industry is highly regulated there are still some dishonest operators where you can encounter a number of problems. This is why we have an entire team of casino experts who test online casinos in real play. Their job is to make sure that everything that is promoted on the casino website matches the results from real play. A casino can easily state one thing on their site, but in real play the situation can be very different. So, in order to have the best experience when playing iPad slots, play only at reputable operators from our casinos list.

Are iPad slots worth playing?

Yes, of course! iPad slots have a lot to offer and it would be foolish not to reap the benefits. You can easily create an account at any of our recommended iPad casinos and instantly gain access to their entire iPad slots collection. You can also claim a generous bonus promotion and significantly increase your starting balance. This way you can play the iPad slots with higher bets and get bigger payouts in return. You know what they say about gambling “You have to bet big in order to win big.” This is especially true for iPad slots and what better way to do this, than with some free money.



Slowly but surely mobile play is becoming the dominant play mode across online casinos. With the innovations in technology and the availability of mobile internet, more and more users are moving away from the instant play platform and going mobile. This trend can also be seen among iOS users. A lot of players’ love playing iPhone slots on their way to work, sitting at home comfortably in front of the TV or virtually from any location. This is why online casinos today are becoming focused on iPhone slots in order to accommodate the needs of iOS players.

What are iPhone slots?

In simple terms iPhone slots are slots which have been optimized to run on iOS. This allows players to easily access and play the games from any mobile device powered by iOS. All you need is an internet connection and your trusted iPhone and you can start playing iPhone slots in seconds. But this wasn’t always the case. In the early days of mobile casinos iOS users simply couldn’t play the casino games, opposed to Android users. The reason for this was that iOS didn’t support flash at the time, which was needed to run the casino games. But when the HTML5 protocol was introduced this obstacle was surpassed. From there on all iOS users could easily access the casino games and give them a try for free or for real money.

Play iPhone slots for free

If you’re an experienced player, you already know what there is for iPhone slots. But if you’re a newbie player we strongly recommend to play the iPhone slots for fun first. It’s foolish to invest money in games you know nothing about and depend purely on luck to hit some big payout. Slots are games of chance, but it’s always a good idea to try the games in fun play first in order to see what they’re really about. Otherwise you can end up losing your bankroll pretty fast on some high variance slots, without hitting a decent payout in return. Only once you’re confident enough with the games in question you can move forward and try them for real money.

Playing for real money at iPhone casinos

Playing for real money at iPhone casinos can be a very fun experience. Most operators today have customized mobile platforms which will meet the needs of all mobile devices, especially iPhones. The trick is to make the player feel as comfortable as possible while playing at the casino, by easily accessing all features the casino has to offer. So if you’re playing iPhone slots at some casino and you keep running into problems the chances are that you won’t come back to play at that casino again. This is why all reputable casinos today have top of the line mobile casino platforms, which will provide a problem free and seamless game play.

iPhone apps

iPhone apps are a big thing in the online industry today. Almost all reputable operators offer iPhone users a chance to download the app and directly access the casino games, rather than using their mobile browser. iPhone apps are well designed and are custom tailored to perfectly fit your screen. They give you a much easier access to all of the features the casino has to offer and the option to log into your player account at the swipe of a finger. This certainly beats entering the casino address in your mobile browser and filling in your log in details. With the modern iPhone apps, you can take your favorite casino everywhere you go and access the casino games in seconds.

Custom promos for iPhone users

A modern trend which is rising across online casinos is to offer custom promos for mobile users. These promos are usually aimed for all mobile users, regardless of the operating system they are using, but you can come across some aimed at iPhone users. With these promos you can easily play iPhone slots and enjoy the full benefits mobile play has to offer. Usually the custom promos are aimed at no deposit bonuses. The purpose of these promos is to promote mobile play. You can only claim them from your mobile device, so even if you prefer instant play the promo will draw you to try out the mobile casino platform. These promos are a great way to give the mobile casino platform a try for free and if you don’t like it you can always go back to instant play.

IPhone support

A lot of players wonder if they can play iPhone slots from all iPhone models. You’ll be happy to know that this is the case with most slots. They are designed to run on all iOS devices and you should have no problems accessing them. The only detail which may differ is the visual effects, since they can be reduced on weaker iPhones in order to provide a smooth game play.



Mobile slots are a big thing in the online casino industry today. Pretty much all online casinos today allow players to access and play the casino games from their mobile device. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing from an Android or iOS device, the games will perfectly fit your screen. Playing mobile slots gives you unlimited access to the casino. You no longer have to wait to go home and sit in front of the computer or pick up your laptop. All you need is a stable internet connection and you can start playing mobile slots right away. So, how did it all start?

Rise of mobile slots

About a decade ago mobile slots were a thing of the future. All online casinos could only be accessed in instant play or download mode, with download being the more popular mode. At that time all casino games needed Flash in order to operate. This was known to cause problems for players, especially when Flash crashed and caused your game to shut down. Mobile casinos started to appear, but again, the need of Flash brought more problems than benefits. iOS users couldn’t enjoy the benefits of mobile slots, simply because iOS didn’t operate on Flash. So the need came for changes and innovations. When the HTML5 protocol was put to use it solved the problems with mobile slots and mobile online casinos. This protocol allowed the mobile slot to automatically expand and cover the screen of the mobile device. It also eliminated the need for Flash, making the mobile casino platform much more stable than before. This change was brought on by NetEnt and was soon adopted by all other providers in the industry. Today mobile play accounts for over half of all monetary transactions made at online casinos on a yearly level. For many players the mobile casino became the preferred way to play casino games.

How to play free mobile slots online

If you’re a newbie to the industry or simply a newbie to mobile slots you may be a bit skeptical at first. But the good news is that you can play mobile slots for free and see what they have to offer. If you like what the mobile casino concept has to offer you can later play for real money at pretty much every online casino on our site. So, how can you play free mobile slots online? Very simple. You can try the games for free right here on our website. We have a massive offer of free mobile slots from various software providers, which you can play from your mobile device. But you can also create an account at any of our recommended online casinos and play the games from free. All you need to do is choose fun play and the game will start with a balance of fake money. You can play every mobile slot in fun play and see how it behaves. It’s recommended to do this with all new slots, before you make a real money deposit and play for real. This way you can test the games without any risk and see what each one has to offer. You can later use this to your advantage and try the games in real play. With some luck you can replicate the results from the fun play session and make a real money withdrawal.

The best mobile casinos

Even though all casinos have a mobile platform it doesn’t mean that they are all reputable casinos to play at for real money. The best mobile casinos have to meet a number of criteria before they are approved by our casino experts and are added to our site. So, how do we rate the best mobile casinos? Simple. Every casino has to meet the next criteria and if they do, only then can they be added to our best mobile casinos list.

  • Solid mobile platform

Every online casino can be accessed from a mobile device, but the best ones invest more effort to optimize the platform. In addition, many of the best mobile casinos also have a mobile casino app available, making access to the casino even easier.

  • Overall reputation

Every mobile casino which is added to our site is a reputable one. This is confirmed by their operating license, independent testing agencies and overall reputation across gambling forums.

  • Games offer

The best mobile casinos are powered by a number of providers, resulting in a massive games offer. The bigger the number of games the better, since you have a bigger choice and bigger chances to win.

  • Bonus promotions

Attractive and fair bonus promotions are a must have at the best mobile casinos.

  • Payout timeframe

Every player wants to get their winnings as fast as possible, so we promote only casinos which offer fast payouts.

  • Mobile payment options

Playing from mobile also means that you need to have mobile payment options available as well. This way you can deposit, play and withdraw, all from your mobile device.

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